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What is associated with the formation of the hydrosalpinx?

Hydrosalpinx is one of the most common gynecological diseases; there are a lot of causes of hydrosalpinx. So what is associated with the formation of the hydrosalpinx?

Caution three major harm of the hydrosalpinx

1, it often causes lower abdominal pain, belly pain, lumbar acid and back pain, quantities of discharge, or sudden abdominal pain gradually change into belly pain. When there are aggravated symptoms, always affect normal study, life and work.
2, if hydrosalpinx left untreated can affect oviduct umbrella to cause inflammatory adhesion and cause infertility.
3, hydrosalpinx treatment is not timely can cause inflammation proliferation of surrounding tissue and spread to the pelvic area or other organs.


What is associated with the formation of the hydrosalpinx?

The reason of hydrosalpinx associated with patients' bad health habits, such as getting on sexual life during the menstrual period or postpartum, washing bath after the operation of department of gynaecology within one month, etc.
artificial abortion. The disinfection after induced abortion is not strict will cause iatrogenic infection, also can cause hydrosalpinx. The hydrosalpinx caused by inflammation is best for doing inspection; identify the nature of the liquid. If there are chronic infection lesions, may be inflammation of a system of 
gynecology such as ovarian and the fallopian tubes. It can also be caused by tuberculosis or tumor. Hydrosalpinx should be treated early, or will affect fertility.


The single therapy of hydrosalpinx has poorer effect, it is advisable to adopt comprehensive treatment:


1, the general treatment relieve patients thought concerns, enhance the confidence of the treatment, increase nutrition, exercise, pay attention to the mix, improve the body's resistance.
2, physical therapy such as warm method can promote local blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition state, improve metabolism, and to facilitate inflammation absorption and fade. The treatment common are shortwave, ultrashort wave, microwave, laser, ion penetration, etc.
3, the application of anti-inflammatory drugs. Such as using Fuyan Pill can achieve the effect of sterilization and detoxification, activating blood stasis, treating the  inflammation of fallopian tube ,so that get the  purposes of cavity accumulates fluid’s treatment.
4, surgery therapy such as a lump caused by hydrosalpinx or oviduct ovarian cysts should get on surgical treatment.

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