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How Does a Hydrosalpinx Cause Infertility?

Hydrosalpinx is a professional term in the medical level, it is a condition that fallopian tubes are filled with clear fluids which cause tube blockages. It is a reproductive disease which relates to various clinical manifestations, and Infertility is one of them. So, how does hydrosalpinx interfere with infertility?

Hydrosalpinx treatment

A hydrosalpinx blockage is usually formed near the ovaries, and it is highly possible that the blockage occur at the both two ovaries. The fallopian tube is like a bridge connects ovulated egg to sperm to form an embryo. Once an ovulated egg is released, finger like projections from the fallopian tube draw the egg in. A common misconception assumes that the egg and sperm meet inside the uterus. In fact, these two genital cells meet in the fallopian tube. After an embryo is formed and makes its way into the uterus, it would find a place on uterine wall to implant itself. With a hydrosalpinx, as the pathway from ovary to uterus is blocked, the embryo couldn’t get its size cross the fallopian tube. Infertility might occur as a result.

In normal case, activated by hormone, finger-like projections called fimbriae from the end of fallopian tube will be swollen with blood at the time of ovulation. They hit the overies in a gentle and weeping motion to draw it into fallopian tube. But with hydrosalpinx, the liquid in the tube would make the fimbriae stuck together thus it would lose the function of carrying and transmitting. Therefore, hydrosalpinx is a dangerous enemy of anyone who wants to get pregnant.

However, can you get pregnant with a healthy tube and another hydrosalpinx blocked tube?
The answer is, yes, theoretically speaking. It's possible to get pregnant with just one open tube. However, even with one hydrosalpinx blocked tube, the delicate environment of the uterus may get infected. This definitely causes damage and increase uncertainty to pregnancy rates. On the other hand, if you conceive with one healthy fallopian tube, the fluid accumulated inside the tube may leak way down to uterus, finally affects embryo implantation.

What is the treatment for hydrosalpinx?
Rooted in deep and profound history, tested by thousands years of experience, Chinese medicine has special advantage in dealing with reproductive system disease. After years' observation and research, Lee Xiaoping TCM Clinic has successfully developed the "Fuyan Pill", which effectively works against fallopian tube diseases. It has acquired national patent, and the application number is 201110031968.

"Fuyan Pill" has the effect of detoxifcation, it can root out varied bacteria and virus and keep the risk of reappearance to a very low level. It contains prescription to clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, which help to clear the blockage in fallopian tube. "Fuyan Pill" is distilled from natural herbal extracts like Bupleurum, Tuckahoe and Scutellarin. Concluded from years of clinical experience, it doesn’t contain any side effects . Patients could try pregnancy after 3~ 4 months taking the medicine.

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