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TCM Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Many patients with fallopian tube block start to notice the advantages of TCM treatment for fallopian tube blockage. But there are still many doubts about the efficacy and other factors of TCM treatment. TCM treatment and western medicine treatment, which is better in the treatment of fallopian tube blockage?


What is the cure rate of TCM treatment and western medicine treatment respectively? Of course, these factors are the most important things which the patients will take into consideration when they choose the treatment method. So today we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of TCM treatment and western medicine treatment.


fallopian tubes blockage treatment

Today, most patients diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes resort to western medication, usually with surgery treatment. It is the most direct and time-saving way in the treatment of blocked fallopian tubes. But blocked fallopian tubes is often caused by other reproductive diseases, antibiotics only work against the disease itself and do nothing with the blockage caused by prior infection.

As for surgery treatment, it only works in short-term without achieving a permanent cure. And there is risk of damaging fallopian tube itself along with recurrence.

If the blockage is not severe, the open water method will be suggested. But this method only fits the very slight degree of blocked fallopian tubes and has the disadvantage of hurting fallopian tube during many times repeating of the operation. This will damage the peristalsis capacity of fallopian tube and easily induce hydrosalpinx and fallopian tube inflammation.

In contrast, TCM treatment forblocked fallopian tubes has the advantage of no risk of harming fallopian tube itself, and in the meantime, with the function of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, clearing heat and detoxifying, removing dampness and tonifying spleen, Fuyan Pill works well in curing fallopian tube adhesion, blockage and inflammation naturally and safely. Fuyan pill is a good example of traditional Chinese herbal medicine for the particular treatment of blocked fallopian tubes.

Although Fuyan pill is effective in the treatment of blocked fallopian tubes, there are some things we need to take care of during the treatment.

1. Follow the principle of health diet

The quantity of chicken, duck, fish you eat should be appropriate. More fruits and vegetables are suggested, as well as roughage.

2. Pay attention to personal cleanness


Female should pay enough attention to personal cleanness, especially during the menstrual period. Periodic physical examination should be taken. And enough exercise should be done to improve immune capacity promote blood circulation.
3. Learn more about the disease

Patients should learn more about the disease they get and stay aware of their state of illness. So there will be no unnecessary worries and the patients can cooperate well with the doctor in the treatment.


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