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Causes of Fallopian Tube Blockage
Fallopian tube is an important part of female reproductive system. Fallopian tube works as the transport corridor which links sperm and egg. It is the place for combination of sperm and egg and provides storage and development of fertilized egg. If fallopian tube is blocked, these physiological activities will be affected. And the normal pregnancy will be influenced. Then what are the causes of fallopian tube blockage? The causes of fallopian tube blockage can be divided into the congenital causes and acquired causes.
1. Congenital causes of fallopian tube blockage
   Compared with acquired causes, congenital causes of fallopian tube are rather rare. There are three situations of congenital fallopian tube blockage in general. The first situation is congenital deficiency of fallopian tube. To be more understandable, there is no fallopian tube or a part of fallopian tube when the patient was born. The secondary situation is that the fallopian tube of the patient is too thin or too twisted to be accessible for sperm, egg, or fertilized egg. The third situation is that there are something grows inside the fallopian tube of the patient and caused fallopian tube blockage of different degree. All these congenital factors will hinder the normal function of fallopian tube and add up to the chance of female infertility.
2. Acquired causes of fallopian tube blockage
   The acquired causes of fallopian tube blockage can be various. The most common includes the influence of the inflammatory diseases of the organs nearby, especially PID (pelvic inflammatory disease); unhealthy hygiene habits, especially during sexual life; postoperative infection caused by gynecological surgeries such as artificial abortion operation, cesarean operation, and so on; infection of tubercle bacillus; endometriosis happening in fallopian tube. The acquired fallopian tube blockage is caused by the infection of pathogenic microorganism, especially pathogenic bacterium in general.
   For the patients suffering from fallopian tube blockage because of congenital reasons, the treatment method is limited. But for the fallopian tube blockage caused by acquired reasons, traditional Chinese medicine treatment can be applied. With appropriately concerted application of different kinds of herbal medicines, the inflammation of fallopian tube can be cured as well as the blockage. Fuyan Pill is a kind of TCM prescription medicine aiming for the treatment of many kinds of gynecological diseases including fallopian tube blockage. The efficacy of Fuyan Pill has been proved in many clinic treatment cases of fallopian tube blockage.

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