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Major Symptoms of Fallopian Tube Blockage
   A systematic learning of a certain disease can be beneficial for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. In this essay, we will have a brief introduction on the major symptoms of a troublesome and commonly encountered gynecological disease --- fallopian tube blockage.
1. Dysmenorrhea
   Patients with fallopian tube blockage often have pelvic congestion, which is likely to lead to stasis-related dysmenorrhea. In general, the patients will feel the pain in the lower abdominal region a week before menstrual period. And the pain grows with the nearing of menstrual period.
2. Irregular menstruation
   Fallopian tube is adjacent to ovary. In normal circumstance, fallopian tube diseases affect neither the function of ovary nor the quantity of menstruation. Only when the inflammation of fallopian tube lasts for a long time and gradually spreads into ovary, the function damage to ovary will be caused. Common symptoms caused by this situation include menstruation frequency, large quantity of menstruation and so on. 
3. Blood or fluid flowing outside vagina
   This is a special symptoms occurring in patients with fallopian tube blockage. Everyday there are yellow fluids flowing outside vagina, the quantity can be large or small. And sometimes the color of the serous fluid is pink. And the serous fluid does not have any odor. When there are necrotic blood vessels in fallopian tube, sometimes there is blood flowing out from vagina.
4. Abdominal pain
   Pain is usually felt by patients affected. Because of the blockage in the fimbriated extremit of fallopian tube, the pressure inside fallopian tube increases as well as the peristalsis of fallopian tube. At first the pain is dull in the abdominal region. Then dull pain grows and develops into severe cramps. In addition, there will be swelling and bearing-down pain in the pelvic and groin region, soreness in the waist.
5. Abdominal lump
   Because of enlargement of the hamper in fallopian tube, hydrosalpinx will be caused. So in the gynecological tests, there may be lump in the abdominal region.
6. Female infertility
   Fallopian tube blockage can hinder the combination of sperm and egg, the transportation of fertilized egg, thus leading to female infertility. Women suffering from female infertility should go to the hospital and figure the precise cause of this problem.
   These are the major symptoms of fallopian tube blockage. Hope this essay can be useful for female friends. And for the patients with fallopian tube blockage, Fuyan pill can help you in the treatment of fallopian tube blockage.

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