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Fallopian Tube Blockage: Warning of Sedentary Lifestyle
   Fallopian tube blockage is a gynecological disease with extremely high morbidity. However, because the clinic symptoms of fallopian tube blockage are typical and not very severe, many women tend not to pay much attention to the symptoms and easily ignore the occurrence of the blockage. Some women even think that fallopian tube is very common and do not need to be taken seriously. This is an obviously wrong and dangerous idea. 
   The occurrence of fallopian tube blockage can bring many troubles to women. Infertility is one of the most common and serious problems. After knowing these facts, I believe most women will start to treat fallopian tube seriously. Some of women may want to know which kind of women are likely to get fallopian tube blockage. In fact, this essay is written mainly for women living the sedentary life style, who are very likely to suffer from fallopian tube blockage.
   Nowadays, many white collar female and so-called “female otaku” often sit for a long time. Some of them sit seven to eight hours without a break every day. What they are not aware is that they have already become the target of fallopian tube blockage.
   Professors in the field of gynecological diseases say that sitting for a long time and lacking exercise will affect the general blood circulation, lower the speed of it and block the pelvic venous return, and even lead to pelvic congestion, which can further cause PID and many other gynecological diseases. In the meanwhile, sitting for a long time will make the vulva stay in a warm and damp environment. This environment will promote the growth of bacteria in the vulva, thus leading to the bacterial infection of urinary system and reproductive system of women. Sitting for a long time during menstrual period may lead to the retrograde infection of menstrual blood. 
   These factors may all lead to the infection of fallopian tube. Fallopian tube inflammation and fallopian tube blockage can be caused due to infection.
   Professors suggest that women with sedentary life style can move their legs, change their sitting position or just stand up and do some relaxing exercise after sitting for a long time. These actions can reduce the chance of getting fallopian tube blockage. If some of you have been diagnosed with fallopian tube blockage unfortunately, don`t worry too much. Fuyan Pill is a good helper in the treatment of fallopian tube blockage.

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