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Hydrosalpinx: treatment and causes

 Hydrosalpinx is a specific type of fallopian tube blockage, which is a collection of fluid within the fallopian tube. Hydrosalpinx is usually accompanied with closure of the distal (far) end of the tube. 


Hydrosalpinx  Treatment
How does hydrosalpinx form?
Hydrosalpinx is a consequence of injury to the fallopian tube, most often from an infection. This long-term infection may occur due to a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, which can be undetected for years and slowly destroying the delicate fimbria. Other causes such as pelvic inflammatory disease, a ruptured appendix and abdominal surgery also can cause the infection of fallopian tube. As a reaction to the infection, your body can rush inflammatory cells into the area. Inflammation and later healing may lead to the loss of the fimbria and the closure of the tube.
Other causes also may result in hydrosalpinx formation, including Adhesions (scar tissue) and so on.
Women with a hydrosalpinx and the other is healthy can get pregnant. Technically speaking, it is possible for women to get pregnant with one open and healthy fallopian tube. However, infection usually affects both fallopian tubes and the other tube is often abnormal. Hydrasalpinx can affect the delicate environment of the uterus and reduce the success rate of pregnancy. In addition, the fluid is toxic and can leak into the uterus and affect the early embryo development and embryo implantation.
Hydrosalpinx can prevent embryos from reaching the uterus and reduce the pregnancy rate. Fortunately, we can cure hydrosalpinx naturally. With the help of doctors and proper expertise, women can get pregnant successfully.
In vitro fertilization is recommended in patients with hydrosalpinx. Although the success rate has been improved over the last few years, the pregnancy rate still remains low. And the cost of IVF is rather expensive, and if patients go straight for IVF without any treatment for hydrosalpinx, patients will face many problems.
Today, patients with hydrosalpinx don’t try to repair fallopian tube because repair surgery may make irreversible damage to body. For older women who don’t want to get pregnant, they can try salpingectomy, which is a procedure and the tube is removed. Salpingectomy is not recommended for young women.
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