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What Are the Different Types of Fallopian Tube Blockages

Fallopian tube blockage is often described as primary fallopian tube blockage or secondary tube blockage. Primary fallopian tube blockage is usually caused by a dysplasia of the fallopian tube, a congenital condition that does not occur much.


Clinically, more cases of fallopian tube blockage are secondary fallopian tube blockage, which is caused by human factors. Usually, such cases are complicated and multifaceted. Secondary fallopian tube blockage can include mechanical and pathological obstruction.


First, mechanical fallopian tube blockage. Mechanical fallopian tube blockage is caused by a number of shedding emboli and functional contractions of organs. Common emboli contains menstrual endometrial fragments, blood clots, embryonic tissue and its appendages during sudden release of uterine pressure in drug abortion and induced abortion. Some tubal fluid pyknosis causes tubal blockage, due to Ligations in birth control plan. When the fallopian tube receives some stimulation, functional spasm may cause the opening and the tubal cavity to constrict and form the obstruction of the fallopian tube. The most common is caused by the oviduct patency examination when the etiology of infertility is searched, such as the salpinx examination, the salpinx examination, the salpinx examination under laparoscopy and other surgical scratch stimulation.


Second, Pathological fallopian tube blockage. Pathological fallopian tube blockage is mostly caused by fallopian tube lesions, the most common is the salpingitis. The cause of oviduct infection is caused by pathogen infection, which is mainly caused by staphylococcus, streptococcus, escherichia coli, gonococcus, proteobacteria, pneumococcus and chlamydia. This inflammation tends to be temporary and transient, but the tubal blockage due to infectious inflammation will be permanent and not self-healing.


Tubal blockage, especially with salpingitis, could happen to most women. But with symptomatic treatment it is relatively easy to cure thoroughly. For example, you can take medicine that has a perfect heat-clearing and detoxification effect to treat it, kill all pathogens, clear up inflammation, and the blockages will gradually become smooth and separate naturally.

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