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If the Hydrosalpinx causes Infertility, You have no choice but IVF?

 A lot of patients with Hydrosalpinx choose to have test-tube babies to satisfy their wish to be mothers after long-term infertility.  Is it necesary for the tubal dropsy patients to complete a test tube 

Some experts say that tubal hydrops can be treated with therapy which create test-tube babies, but some problems must be noted.  For example, laparoscopic surgery and IVF:  if you are worried about the ovarian function after the operation, you can take the eggs after an ovulation treatment, then freeze all the embryos, then go for a laparoscopic surgery to treat the fallopian tube In case of stagnant effusion.  Freeze embryo after transfer is carried out. According to individual circumstances, hydrosalpin can be pumped at the time of egg retrieval, so that fresh embryos can be tried, but careful observation is necessary. If effusion accumulates again, laparoscopic surgery is required for a radical cure.
If the IVF is directly carried out, not only is the success rate low, but also it could cause ectopic pregnancy, or abnormal embryonic development. For some fetuses they may have natural-born defects such as valvular heart disease, cleft lip and palate, and visceral dysplasia.  After all, IVF is not as good as nature conceived.  In fact, as long as the hydrosalpinx is cured, the chances of pregnancy is greatly increased.
To many other patients, the headache is that the hydrosalpinx cannot completely be cured and after a while, effusion and adhesions occur again.  Most of this is related to the incomplete treatment of the patients.  Therefore, patients should not rely too much on antibiotic treatment, too many side effects can even lead to severe liver and kidney damage.  The natural herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, pure botanical ingredients, does not contain hormone or antibiotics, and repairs the reproductive system while effectively treating it. It is the main formula recommended by medical experts nowadays.  
In all, Patients should not arbitrarily stop treatment, and if they do not pay attention to prevention and re-examination after treatment, those can be the reasons for repeated recurrence of hydrosalpinx.

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