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Can Herbal Medicine Dredges the Fallopian Tubes?

Because the fallopian tube provides the passage of the sperm upwards, the sperm meets the egg in the ampulla of the fallopian tube. When the two sides are completely blocked, there is no channel for the sperm to pass through, so it cannot be conceived.  The fallopian tube is a bridge that combines sperm and egg. It will affect pregnancy and may cause Ectopic Pregnancy.

The treatment of tubal blockage cannot be ignored, especially for women with fertility requirements, they must be treated in time after the diagnosis of the disease, and then fertility after the cure.  The fallopian tube is divided into four parts from the inside to the outside according to the shape: the interstitial part, the isthmus, the ampulla, and the umbrella end.  The suggestion is to first identify the cause, such as Hydrosalpinx, may have damaged the mucosal cilia of the fallopian tube.  So even if you have it, you may not be pregnant.
At present, there are many treatment methods for tubal occlusion. There are tubal fluid therapy, X-ray tubal intervention, hysteroscopy, laparoscopic treatment, TCM treatment, enema treatment, microwave physiotherapy, and some others such as infrared rays or diathermy.
In view of the obstruction of the fallopian tube, some patients can still not be pregnant after surgery. It is because there is inflammation in the reproductive system, and it can be treated from the perspective of TCM. These TCM methods can completely eliminate meridian stagnation of qi and nourish blood, thus achieving of the purpose of quickly improving immunity, completely adjusting the balance of Yin and Yang, thereby promoting the secretion of female hormones, rapidly adjusting endocrine disorders, activating cells, accelerating cell regeneration, swiftly clearing the fallopian tubes, thereby comtributing ovulation, and having a very unique effect on occlusion of the fallopian tubes.
Among them, TCM patented formula Fuyan Pill is a kind of natural herbal medication with good reputation. It can quickly eliminate the pathological changes of gynecological tissues, regulate menstruation, treat gynecological diseases and inflammation which causes tubal blockage.
The method and effect of using TCM to treat tubal occlusion mainly depends on the degree of obstruction, the specific location, root cause, and of course the patient's fertility status, age, and requirements.  Treatment needs to be decided according to each person's condition. Female tubal blockage can be combined with TCM patent Fuyan Pill. During the treatment, one should pay attention to hygiene, stick to light diet, do not eat spicy, irritating food, and avoid prolonged sedentary.  Normally, one should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Only with unobstructed fallopian tube one can expect the coming of babies.

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