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Can Sea Salt Hot Compress Treat Tubal Blockage?

Tubal blockage, Like a congested road, in order to allow the passing vehicles to move freely, the first thing is to clear the congested parts. Nowadays, the method of dredging the tubal blockage can be described as various. 

Among them, the more popular ones are "sea salt hot compress can treat the fallopian tube blockage". Can this method treat tubal blockage?
1. What is sea salt hot compress?
Sea salt is a crystal of a halide-like mineral salt that has a sweating effect. It is mainly used to soften dirt and prevent food from deteriorating. Now with further research, it is found that sea salt can be used to treat tubal blockage with heat.
"Heating" is heated in a microwave oven and a pan with high temperature. Generally, the casserole heating has certain side effects, so it is best to use a microwave oven for high temperature heating.  "Hot compress" has two kinds of forms, direct hot compress and hot pack. Feel free to refer to WiKi How on How to Make a Warm Compress.
2. The principle of sea salt hot compress to treat tubal blockage
Sea salt hot compress can increase the local temperature, relax the muscles and promote blood circulation throughout the body.  When sea salt is hot on the fallopian tube, it can accelerate the peristalsis of the intestine, promote the absorption of inflammation in the fallopian tube, accelerate the circulation of blood, relieve the blockage and adhesion of the tissue, and at the same time, some trace elements in the sea salt can enter the human body. It has a certain auxiliary effect for the treatment of the disease such as Salpingitis.
For sea salt hot compress treatment of tubal blockage, you need to consult a doctor, whether it is suitable for yourself, this method is expensive, it requires long-term application, so the therapeutic effect can be better. And sea salt hot compress in addition to the treatment of tubal blockage, it has a good auxiliary effect to symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, cold womb, if together along with Fuyan Pill, the kind of TCM formula with small side effects, the curative effect can be better.
3. Sea salt hot compress combined with traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of tubal blockage
When Sea salt hot compress to be combined with "Chinese medicine internal adjustment and external support", the effect could be the most obvious, much better than the single one therapy of sea salt hot compress, it is best to ask what kind of TCM formula is the most suitable, generally through the external local blood circulation, plus the internal adjustment of natural herbal medicine, as long as you persist, you can see the obvious effect in one month.
In general, the tubal blockage is mainly believed in TCM to be caused by the infiltration of wet evil, which may hinder the operation of blood. Therefore, it is necessary to use the natural herbs for clearing away heat and detoxifying, activating blood circulation and removing stasis, and softening and stasis to achieve the effect of dredging the fallopian tube.
The TCM Fuyan Pill has such a good effect, and the side effects are none. The combination of sea salt hot compress and the formula Fuyan Pill can get twice the result with half the effort.  
Note that in the initial use of sea salt hot compresses, there will be frequent bowel movements, which is a normal phenomenon.
4. Sea salt hot compress matters-needing-attention
Today's sea salt hot pack has developed into the fourth generation of sea salt, which can only be heated by microwave ovens at high temperatures. Here are some matters needing attentin: for coarse salt hot compress, if the amount of menstruation is too much, it is best to stop; hot compress is best between the menstrual period and ovulation period, so as not to affect the conception; after the sea salt hot compress, there will be different shades of the distinct meridian regions above the skin, it will naturally subside upon recovery.
In summary, sea salt hot compress cannot completely treat tubal blockage, it has an auxiliary effect on gynecological inflammatory diseases, and not all people are suitable for this threrapy. It is best to consult a doctor first, whether it can be suitable, so as not to harm yourself. 

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