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Can B-ultrasound Detect the Obstruction of the Fallopian Tube?

The fallopian tube is an important channel for transporting eggs. Once it is blocked, it will affect normal pregnancy in women. Therefore, if you want to check whether the fallopian tube is blocked, you must go to the regular infertility hospital for a corresponding examination. (Gavin Puthoff, MD, Mercy Clinic Fertility Services, has one video to discuss Different Types of Blocked Fallopian Tubes on Youtube.com)


1.Ultrasound Examination

Ultrasound examination of the fallopian tube is classified as general ultrasound and ultrasound under the fluid. Through ordinary examination, some hydrosalpinx can be detected on the ultrasound, showing thickened liquid dark areas on both sides of the uterus, but hydrosalpinx or ovarian cysts cannot be diagnosed by ultrasound, it only suggests that there could be possibility of fluids.



Also called “open water skill of oviduct”, the hydrotubation is to insert a tube into the uterine cavity of the examinee, and then complete an injection of 20ml of liquid medicine through the tube, the medicine is generally normal saline plus antibiotics.


3. X-ray Hysterosalpingography

The size and location of the uterine cavity and the shape of the follopian tubes can be seen from the fluoroscopy screen and X-ray images by hysterosalpingography.


4. Laparoscopy

If there is blockage of the proximal fallopian tube (the interstitial part of the fallopian tube and the isthmus), no Methylene blue fluid can be seen to overflow into the abdominal cavity through the umbrella end of the fallopian tube.


If the distal end of the fallopian tube is blocked (the tubal abdomen of the fallopian tube and the umbrella part), the umbrella end of the fallopian tube and the ampulla can be enlarged and thickened with blue dye, but no blue fluid can flow from the end of the fallopian tube and into the abdominal cavity.



Treatment of tubal blockage:


1.Tubal obstruction of the interstitial and isthmus


X-ray fallopian tube interventional recanalization should be chosen, if the recanalization fails, the IVF treatment is needed. Because the X-ray tubal interventional recanalization usually only has one chance to be carried out, the doctormust bear in mind, that is, to be fully prepared for each interventional treatment step, so as to satisfy the patient's wish of naturally conceiving to the greatest extent, so for doctors, to improve their own medical skill is critical.


2. The fallopian tube ampulla obstruction
IVF is used to treat this kind of situation.


3.Oviduct umbrella blockage
First, a laparoscopic slapingostomy or open salpingostomy is required. Second,an IVF is needed to treat the fallopian tube blockage, but the success rate isnot very high, only 20%.


4. Adhesion around the fallopian tube
It can cause blockage of the fallopian tubes and dysfunction of egg transport,which can cause infertility. The main treatment method is laparoscopic adhesion separation around the fallopian tube.


5. Tubal tuberculosis
The fallopian tube blockage caused by the fallopian tube recanalization treatment, if the endometrium is still good, can be treated with IVF.


6. Surgical treatment
For patients with ineffective treatment of tubal occlusion, they can be treate with tubal ostomy, adhesion separation, fallopian tube anastomosis, and uterine fallopian tube implantation. Conventional surgical incision is large and postoperative recovery is slow.


7.TCM treatment
TCM formula Fuyan Pill, which has been improved from ancient medicine, can effectively treat the symptoms of tubal blockage, in which dozens of natural herbals can cure the lesions. Fuyan Pill's powerful bactericidal power, zero side effects, and thorough therapeutic effect make it the best choice for the treatment of tubal blockage.



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