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For 5 Symptoms of Tubal Blockage, 2 Treatments Recommended

Tubal obstruction is one of the important causes of female infertility. Studies at home and abroad have shown that at least 80% of patients can achieve proximal fallopian tube recanalization through non-surgical means.


Here're the five symptoms of tubal blockage:


1. Abdominal discomfort: The lower abdomen can have different degrees of pain, most of which are hidden discomfort, soreness in the lower back and ankle, bloating, and falling sensation. The symptoms are often aggravated due to fatigue.


2, Irregular menstruation: the fallopian tube and ovary are adjacent, usually the disease of the fallopian tube has no effect on the function of the ovary, and it will not affect the amount of menstrual flow. Only when the inflammation spreads to the ovary, and the pattern of damage to the ovarian function is there, will be an abnormality in menstruation.


3, Dysmenorrhea: due to pelvic congestion caused by dysmenorrhea, most of them will have abdominal pain in the first week before menstruation, heavier as close to the menstrual period, until the menstrual onset.


4, Infertility: the fallopian tube itself is affected by the disease, leading to the formation of obstruction and further cause infertility, will be more common in secondary infertility.


5, Other symptoms: there will be painful intercourse, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, increased vaginal discharge, physical work will be affected and mental depression.



What to do for Tubal Blockage:


Surgical Treatment


Such as tubal fluid and angiography, etc., these are not only means of checking tubal occlusion, but also can play a certain therapeutic effect on relatively mild adhesion clogging, generally can cure mild occlusion after 2-3 treatments. The fallopian tube dredging, in addition, there is interventional recanalization, mainly using catheter dilatation, insertion of catheter guide wire to clear the blocked fallopian tube. There are also hysteroscopy and laparoscopic surgery as surgical measurements.


Medication Therapy


Because chemical medicine is mainly anti-inflammatory, the effect on the blocked fallopian tube is not very obvious, so the main treatment is mainly natural herbal medicine.


At present, the Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill, which has a high clinical cure rate, can play various functions such as clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing phlegm and strengthening spleen and wiping out dampness. The treatment of tubal blockage can not only prevent stagnation, but also eliminate the patient's discomfort and let the patient Have a healthier body to naturally conceive with babies.


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