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Is Tubal Obstruction Related to Ovulation?

Once the fallopian tube is blocked, sperm and eggs cannot be combined with normal transport to form fertilized eggs, thus affecting the birth, the fallopian tube blockage of this disease can lead to women losing their ability to give birth, leaving a huge trauma to women's body and mind.


Many women have a question: How much influence does the tubal blockage have on ovulation? Is the root cause of anovulation really related to blockage of fallopian tube? Then, can the ovulation be normal if the fallopian tube is obstructed?


It is irrelevant that the fallopian tube is blocked and will not ovulate.



Oviduct blockage can also ovulate normally? In fact, there is no direct relationship between the oviduct blockage and ovulation. The outlet of an egg is the ovary. Even if there is a fallopian tube blockage, if the ovary is functioning normally, ovulation will not be affected.

However, if the fertilized egg cannot enter the uterus, the consequences are serious and can lead to infertility. If you want to clearly understand whether the fallopian tube is blocked, it is best to go to the hospital for a formal examination of the fallopian tube called angiography, 3-7 days after the menstrual cycle is ended, it can well determine the location and blockage of the occlusion of the egg tube, and suggest a treatment.


About the role of the fallopian tube


The fallopian tube is the place where the egg combines with the sperm and acts as the pipe that transports the fertilized egg. Its biggest function is to periodically transport the egg excreted by the ovary into the uterine cavity.



The egg swimming is caused by the creeping of the fallopian tube itself and the villus movement of the membrane epithelium in the uterus. The physiological function of the fallopian tube is extremely complex and delicate, and plays an important role in egg collection, sperm capacitation, egg fertilization, fertilized egg delivery and the survival and development of early embryos.


About the principle of ovulation


Ovulation refers to the development of mature follicles to a certain extent, which clearly protrudes from the surface of the ovary, and the follicular fluid will proliferate. The internal pressure will increase, and the ovarian tissue of the protruding part will become thinner and finally rupture. The peripheral zona pellucida of secondary oocytes and the radiation crown are excreted along with the follicular fluid.


The patency of the fallopian tube is closely related to the detection of ovulation. If the fallopian tube is blocked, while the function of the ovary is normal, ovulation will not be affected. If the fallopian tube has inflammation or adhesion, it will affect the delivery of the fertilized egg. That is the cause which leads to female infertility.


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