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Current Management of Tubal Infertility: Natural Cure On the Go

We all know that if a woman wants to have a successful pregnancy, the premise is to have at least one side of the fallopian- tube patency, because that's the only way to make sperm and egg successfully meet and integrated into a fertilized egg, so that a normal pregnancy and baby delivery is possible.

However, nowadays, due to various problems especially tubal occlusion, many women have become uncapable of conceiving the baby as they desire. For tubal obstruction, it can be generally divided into three degrees.
Degree1:  Fallopian tubes are not patent.
The cause is obstruction by debris, exfoliated cells, or blood clots in the tube; or excessive slender curvature of the fallopian tubes; or adherence of the fallopian tubes to the pelvic walls or adjacent organs, which pulls the fallopian tubes.
Degree2: Tubal occlusion
Occlusion is less severe compare to obstruction, and in most of the cases the fallopian tubes are normal.
Degree3: The fallopian tubes are completely obstructed and severely damaged.
In this case, most of them are caused by delayed treatment or tubal tuberculosis infection due to long course of diseases, due to scarring, contracture, and stiffness of the fallopian tubes, with irreversible changes in function.
And what is oviduct inspection method?
In the past, Hysterosalpingotomy was used to detect tubal patency, but it is not considered an accurate examination, mainly based on the intuition and experience of the doctor, not very scientifically precise. What's more, Hysterosalpingotomy is only effective for the separation of mild luminal adhesions, but it is not effective for judging whether the fallopian tubes are blocked on one side or both sides, or in finding the specific site of blockage.
At present, the most accurate examination method for the location and degree of tubal occlusion is still salpingography, which is generally performed on the third to seventh day after the end of menstruation. The main purpose is to know whether the fallopian tube is blocked and the degree and location of the blockage.
Taking into account the patient's mental and physical pain tolerance, natural therapies such as orally intake of Fuyan Pill can be a new choice. Safflower which included in Fuyan Pill, can accelerate pelvic blood circulation and local tubal circulation, dredge debris and blood clots; Bupleurum, also a natural plant, for the 
treatment of liver Qi stagnation, uterine shedding, help with uterine and ovarian repairment; Yam for spleen and stomach, accelerates digestion, promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis, and helps with gastrointestinal absorption as well as enhaning immunity.
Fuyan Pill ingredients have all been extracted from natural plants including safflower, Bupleurum, Angelica, Poria, yam, Angelica and other plant formula, and is convenient to take. Patients can be cured for hydrosalpinx, fallopian tube inflammation, ovarian inflammation, tubal blockage, etc.

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