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High Natural Pregnancy Rate With Fuyan Pill Treating Hydrosalpinx

The occurrence of gynecological diseases often has a direct impact on women's fertility, so for those diseases that are difficult to cure, patients often need to resort to other means to conceive in the end. As for the use of external force and natural pregnancy, it can be imagined that the latter is better, but in reality many hydrosalpinx patients eventually have to choose the method of IVF however the success rate is very limited.

So it there any hope for hydrosalpinx patients to get a cure and natural pregnancy of healthy babies?

With hydrosalpinx, most patients will choose surgical treatment, such as tubal umbrella end ostomy, tubal root amputation, etc., but because the fallopian tube is very fragile, not only it will bring great damage to the patient's physical health, but also the repeated recurrence never puts an end to this disease, which could reduce of the chance of natural pregnancy to a great extent, i.e, the probability of natural conception will be limited.
After having a certain understanding of the harm of antibiotics medicine in the treatment of hydrosalpinx, many patients are now turning their attention to natural herbs. One of the natural medicine notable in medical filed has been TCM. It has always played an important role in the treatment of difficult diseases. Such as Fuyan Pill, it is often recommended for tubal condition treatment.
Fuyan Pill gains high reputation for the high natural pregnancy rate after recovery, and with this herbal therapy, the perfect efficacy also includes restoration of reproductive system, repairment of damaged tissues and enhancement of immunity and self-healing ability.
In the view of TCM, hydrosalpinx is caused by damp toxin injected into the lower energizer to stagnate Qi and blood and it brings about obstructed veins. The blockage of Qi and blood of the body leads to liver function weakening and kidney fluid retention.
The treatment of Fuyan Pill mainly focus on clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, invigorating spleen and dispelling dampness, eliminating pathological changes of gynecological tissues, promoting absorption and purge of secretions of oviduct mucosal cells along with inflammatory secretions, thus the hydrosalpinx can be completely cleared up, fallopian tube function restored, and patients are able to naturally conceive and avoid major hazards of IVF.

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