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For Oviduct Adhesion, 4 Treatment Measures are Available

Tubal adhesions is a very common gynecological disease, the most common cause for female infertility. In general, patients with unilateral tubal adhesions still have the ability to conceive, but the pregnancy rate is much smaller and a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy compared with reproductively healthy women, so timely treatment of tubal adhesions is necessary.


Below is a detailed introduction on how to treat tubal adhesion.


Treatment of tubal adhesions: 
1. Antibiotic Treatment: The most widely-used drugs for treating tubal adhesions are antibiotics, which are generally used for acute attacks of tubal adhesions. 
2. Physical diathermy: The female abdomen is susceptible to cold. When the female abdomen is stimulated by warming, inflammation such as tubal adhesion is relieved. 
3. Surgical treatment: The surgical method is mainly to dredge the adherent fallopian tube. However, the surgery is harmful to the female body, and the postoperative physique may not recover well at a later stage. It needs careful consideration. 
4. TCM therapy: TCM therapy is divided into oral therapy and topical therapy. We mainly introduce Fuyan Pill, a natural herbal medicine, which has a strong effect and can eliminate various gynecological inflammations. 
Hope that patients could get the right treatment after a timely diagnosis to the hospital, and not to delay the best time for treatment. 

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