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Fuyan Pill: Safe and Painless Cure for Fallopian Tube Occlusion

Since ancient times, herbal medicine treatment of difficult diseases has been very popular, such as the treatment of diabetes by the prescription Cangxuanzhi silkworm, the treatment of hair loss by Poria cocos drink are good examples. And for the treatment of female fallopian tube blockage, natural therapy is undoubtedly a perfect choice, especially Dr.Lee's Fuyan Pill is one of the best. 

Fuyan Pill focus on the overall physical balance, using pure natural herbal medicine which have strong efficacy. At the same time, curing from root cause to achieve the purpose of completely open the fallopian tube and restore reproductive system.
There may be patients who wonder, what are Fuyan Pill made of? In fact, Fuyan Pill is mainly composed of Bupleurum, Poria, Scutellaria, Gardenia, Atractylodes, Yam, Atractylodes, Angelica, Peach kernel, Safflower, Licorice and other over 40 medicinal herbs. 
Here’s an introduction of several of the main ingredients:
Licorice: Medically, tubal occlusion caused by inflammation is more common. Nowadays, chemical antibiotics aren't effective to treat tubal occlusion until surgery is involved. Therefore, licorice root with heat-clearing and detoxifying effect in Dr.Lee's herbal formula can sterilize and eliminate inflammation and necrosis, remove toxins, promote the regression of inflammatory and necrotic tissues, sweep away blockage and adhesion, and achieve the purpose of treating both the symptoms and root causes. 
Angelica: The pathological core of oviduct blockage is "impassability". Therefore, through promoting blood circulation, angelica can rapidly improve the blood microcirculation inside the oviduct. At the same time, the effect of removing blood stasis can gradually eliminate the congestion trapped in the oviduct, so as to facilitate the regeneration of oviduct intima wall and dredge the oviduct. 
Yam: Fallopian tube blockage is mainly caused by inflammation resulting from liver and kidney weakness, and yam has spleen and kidney nourishing effect, it works for leucorrhea and frequent urination accompanied by fallopian tube blockage, the menstrual pain will be reduced, by regulating menstrual period and improving the internal environment to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation.
Dr. Li’s Warm Reminder: Although tubal occlusion "obstructs" the pregnancy path of countless infertile women, the patients need to be patient, especially those with chronic tubal occlusion, they need to adhere to, and pay attention to food hygiene, avoid frequent sex during treatment. 

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