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What Does it Mean By Hydrotubation?

In recent years, more and more tubal infertility has emerged, and different methods of tubal examination have gradually been recognized, one of which is hydrotubation. Hydrotubation is a commonly used examination method for women clinically. 

Hydrotubation is a situation through a catheter deep into the fallopian tube, and then the liquid is injected into it, through the pressure generated by the input liquid to determine the patency of the tube.
Steps of hydrotubation
First, empty the bladder, disinfect the vulva and vagina, and put a sterile surgical towel. The size, orientation, texture, activity, shape of the uterus and its connection with the surrounding organs will be examined: Whether the appendages on both sides are abnormal or not.
Secondly, put a speculum, expose the cervix, disinfect the vagina and cervix, clamp the front lip of the cervix with cervical forceps, pull the uterus outward to make the uterus horizontally positioning; probe the uterus along the direction of the uterus to the bottom of the uterus, measure its depth and confirm the curvature and size, and improve the inspection device without leakage.
Thirdly, the catheter is inserted into the cervical canal according to the direction of probe detection, fixed at the pre-selected depth, and pull the cervix outward with tissue clamp. At the same time, the conical head of the catheter with 20 ml is pushed inward. If the liquid is injected smoothly, there is no resistance, no leakage outside the cervix, and no obvious discomfort of the patient, indicating that the fallopian tube is unobstructed. 
If there is resistance and pressure, the patient can be injected smoothly with a little abdominal discomfort. There is no leakage at the external cervical orifice, indicating that the original adhesion has been separated or the spasm has been relieved.
Finally, the stethoscope can hear the sound of liquid coming from the umbrella end of the fallopian tube on both sides of the lower abdomen when the liquid is pushed into the oviduct. When the sensory resistance is high, the liquid overflows from the external mouth of the cervix, abdominal distension is intolerable, mostly the fallopian tube is totally impassable.
Hydrotubation can only check whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed, while other problems cannot be detected. It is suggested that salpingography should be done to check the cause, so as to have targeted treatment. Once diagnosed as fallopian tubal obstruction, it is recommended for patients to take Fuyan Pill orally and get a cure. 
Fuyan Pill has the functions of eliminating inflammaiton, regulating blood circulation and opening fallopian tubes.

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