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How is Hydrosalpinx formed

Inflammation is one of the most dangerous factors in female infertility. Many inflammation may cause secondary infection and more complications. Hydrosalpinx is a gynecological disease mainly caused by inflammation, untimely treatment or improper methods can also cause infertility.

When a patient hears the term "hydrosalpinx" from the doctor, she may not even know it, but she may have some speculative understanding from the literal meaning. But there are also some doubts, such as, where is the fallopian tube? How can Hydrosalpinx accumulate? What is Hydrosalpinx?
What is Hydrosalpinx? Fallopian tube occupies an important position in female reproduction and is a bridge to establish gestation. It has the functions of collecting eggs, transporting sperm, transporting fertilized eggs and so on. 
It plays an important role in the survival and development of early embryos and is the basis of successful gestation. Hydrosalpinx refers to the accumulation of cell secretion or pus due to the closure and adhesion of the fallopian tube or the isthmus and fimbria of the fallopian tube, which is finally presented in the form of liquid, which is called "hydrosalpinx". 
Hydrosalpinx is harmful and may induce ectopic pregnancy, endometrial damage and even infertility.
How is hydrosalpinx caused? 
1. Adhesion of mucosa on the wall of fallopian tube. It is mainly caused by chronic tubal inflammation. Hydrosalpinx is one of the consequences of chronic tubal inflammation. The wall of fallopian tube is composed of mucosa, muscle and serosa from inside to outside. 
Inflammation of the fallopian tube is caused by pathogen infection, under the interference of inflammatory cells, the mucosal epithelium of the wall of the fallopian tube falls off and forms adhesion and atresia. The secretion of mucosal cells will accumulate in the lumen of the fallopian tube, resulting in Hydrosalpinx.
2. Adhesion of isthmus and fimbria. After the obstruction of the fimbria of the fallopian tube, the pyogenic cells in the lumen are absorbed, and eventually become water-like liquid. Some of the liquid is absorbed, leaving an empty shell, which can be seen as hydrops during the angiography.
3. Other external factors lead to hydrops. Such as long-term tubal ligation, post-operative Hydrosalpinx, and effusion caused by induced abortion, drug abortion, induced labor, unclean sexual intercourse and other activities.
So how to effectively treat hydrosalpinx? 
The first one is medication, mainly local antibiotic treatment. The second is physical therapy, commonly used are diathermy, infrared radiation and ultrashort wave therapy. Mainly to promote blood circulation, conducive to the alleviation and elimination of inflammation, the third one is to carry out surgical treatment. Mainly for patients with more serious illness and less effective drug use. Usually those women are over 40 years old and have no desire for reproduction and can undergo surgical treatment. 
The fourth kind is the treatment of natural herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. 
It is mainly aimed at clearing away heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dispersing knots and detumescence, and restoring female reproductive system.

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