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Is It Possible for Women with Blocked Fallopian Tubes to Conceive ?

Fallopian tube obstruction is a kind of gynecological disease that will cause great harm to women's health. Especially the problem of tubal blockage will not only affect women's health of reproductive system, but also cause infertility in patients with severe tubal obstruction. Fallopian tube blockage is the main cause of tubal infertility,  and incidence is very high.


Fallopian tubal infertility has accounted for one third of  patients who can not get pregnant. It is a hot potato in the diseases causing infertility. Blocked tubes can bring a lot of disadvantage to the life of female, Once tubal obstruction occurs, female friends must pay attention to it and take timely measures to treat it. So can patients with tubal obstruction become pregnant?


Fallopian tube obstruction is mainly divided into primary and secondary tubal obstruction, the so-called primary tubal obstruction refers to congenital, it means that  you are born with the problems, but this kind of obstruction is extremely rare. The secondary tubal obstruction is very common due to acquired factors, such as some diseases and artificial factors are also the main causes of tubal obstruction. The symptoms of tubal obstruction are not very obvious, mainly manifested as infertility.
If unilateral fallopian tube obstruction has the chance to conceive naturally, then it is difficult for patients with bilateral fallopian tube obstruction to conceive if they are not treated, because the fallopian tube provides an upward sperm passage, which allows sperm to meet and fertilize in the ampulla of the fallopian tube. When both of sides are completely obstructed, it is difficult to conceive.
If it happens, there will be no passage for sperm to pass through, so patients who can not conceive caused by the latter need more relevant treatment, in order to avoid migration of the disease, leading to more serious consequences.
The treatment principle of tubal obstruction is to adopt effective and reasonable treatment methods according to the different parts of tubal obstruction. What are the treatment methods of tubal obstruction?
(1) Drug therapy
For those patients whose tubal obstruction is not very serious, we can use the methods of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing dampness and heat. Chinese medicine believes that Long-term deficiency of vital energy and blood is the main cause of tubal obstruction. We can take Fuyan Pill, which contains bupleurum, poria cocos and scutellaria baicalensis, chinses angelica, peach kernel, Safflower, Licorice, banksia rose and other natural medicines which can play a major role in clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it can also help to dredge the fallopian tube and have excellent curative effect.
(2) Surgical treatment
Oviduct is easy to stick to external tissues because of inflammatory lesions. In this case, laparoscopy can be used to separate the obstructed part of oviduct adhesion, so as to restore the normal relationship between oviduct and ovary. There are also salpingostomy and routine surgical treatment such as tubal stoma, adhesions separation, tubal anastomosis, hysterosalpingoplasty and so on. But the conventional operation has large incision, and recovery needs a long time.
Through the above introduction, I hope that female friends can have a deeper understanding of whether the patients with blocked tubes can be pregnant or not. I hope that you can pay attention to your own health, go to the hospital for diagnosis in time and receive treatment.

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