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Signs of Getting Salpingitis

Getting salpingitis will have a negative impact on your body and life, clinical manifestations include the following.


1. Abdominal Pain 
Patients with salpingitis will have varying degrees of dull pain and comforts in the lower abdomen, with a sore back and ankle pain, and tenesmus. If you are exhausted because of overwork, there will be symptoms of aggravation, such as pain of a full bladder and rectum,or pain after relieving fully due to pelvic adhesions, there may also be some symptoms of bladder and rectal irritation, which is shown as frequency and urgency of urination,etc. .
2. Irregular Menstruation
Frequent menstruation and menorrhagia are common in salpingitis, mainly due to pelvic congestion and ovarian dysfunction.
3. Infertility
If the fallopian tube is infected, it will lead to blockage and cause infertility, and the latter is common clinically.
4. Dysmenorrhea
Patients with dysmenorrhea due to blood stasis often have pelvic congestion,  generally they begin to have a pain in the week before menstruation, and they will be more and more painful until the day of the menstruation.
5. Salpingitis in the Acute Phase
In the acute phase, there will be lower abdomen pain and fever. In severe cases, symptoms such as high fever and chills will occur. The patients will have acute symptoms during the examination. There may be tension in the lower abdomen and rebound pain. There will also be vaginal congestion through gynecological examination, and other symptoms like purulent secretions, or swelling, tenderness and so on. 
6. Salpingitis in the Chronic Phase
In the chronic phase, systemic symptoms are not obvious. There are swellings and tenesmus in the lower abdomen, pain in the lumbosacral region, etc., and it will be aggravated after overwork or strenuous exercise. Through gynecological examination, it will found that the fallopian tubes are strip-like and light, mild tenderness, hydrosalpinx or ovarian cysts.
In the case of salpingitis, women also have increased vaginal discharge, painful intercourse, and fatigue, depression, wilting and other symptoms.
It may be caused by pathogen infection, including staphylococcus, Streptococcus, escherichia coli, neisseria gonorrhoeae, proteus, pneumococcal, chlamydia, etc. The situation most susceptible to infection is postpartum, post-abortion or post-menstrual. Injury of the Damage of the birth canal and placental dissection during childbirth or abortion, wounds of the endometrial exfoliation during menstruation are all the pathogens which infect the internal genitalia.
Sometimes infections are associated with less stringent aseptic surgical procedures, such as the placement of intrauterine devices, curettage, tubal fluid, and lipiodol. Frequent sexual life and sexual intercourse during menstruation can also cause infection and salpingitis. A small number of patients are infected by the direct spread of inflammation in adjacent organs.
In the cases of acute salpingitis, after general treatment such as anti-inflammatory, anti-infective treatment or surgical treatment, Staying in bed with semi-recumbent position is required, so as to avoid the spread of infections and inflammation. The diet is based on foods with high-calorie, high-protein, vitamin and water to keep your bowel regular. If severe abdominal pain occurs, an analgesic can be given under the premise diagnosis.
Chronic salpingitis can be treated conservatively, such as taking natural medicine Fuyan Pill, which has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing the spleen and disinhibiting dampness, and it can directly reach the lesion, sterilize and eliminate inflammation. In addition, patients should pay attention to rest, avoid overwork, control their sexual life, pay attention to menstrual hygiene.
In fact, if women have salpingitis, it is not terrible, and after prompt treatment, they can be completely cured. The harm caused by salpingitis is great, it not only causes pain in the body, but also affects the intimate relationship between couples. It may even lead to female infertility or ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, especially patients at the childbearing age,shoule have regularly check of  reproductive system which can help prevent diseases.

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