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How to Judge If it's Tubal Fluid or Tubal Adhesion

Fallopian tube disease has always been a concern for women because fallopian tubes are really important for woman's fertility. In the fallopian tube diseases we know such as salpingitis and adhesion, blockage, hydrosalpinx. In fact, there is a progressive relationship, a lot of time due to the lesions are in the fallopian tube, it is difficult to directly distinguish them from the symptoms, such as salpingitis and adhesion.

How to judge the fallopian tube fluids or adhesion?
Now the level of medical treatment has been significantly improved, as long as patients go to a regular hospital for detailed examination, it is easy to distinguish the two problems. Generally, hystero-salpingography can be used to accurately determine whether the fallopian tube is blocked by hydrocele or adhesion.
How does hystero-salpingography distinguish hydrosalpinx or adhesions?
Oviduct examination is mainly through the catheter into the uterine cavity and oviduct contrast agent, and then use X-ray diagnostic instrument for X-ray fluoroscopy and photography, finally, according to the development of oviduct and pelvic cavity to make a detailed judgment. This method can be detailed to understand whether it is the fallopian tube patency, or the specific site of blockage.
In the case of hydrosalpinx, angiography examination shows thickening and expansion of the bellows of fallopian tube, and delayed film 20 minutes later shows residual contrast agent in bilateral or unilateral fallopian tube, and no diffusion of contrast agent in pelvic cavity. For fallopian tube adhesion, contrast examination can see that the agent is bent, then according to contrast examination it can clearly distinguish the fallopian tube is full of fluid or blocked by adhesion.
How to treat after-diagnose oviduct hydrops or adhesion?
The traditional treatment methods are believed to be caused by inflammation, so the main treatment is anti-inflammatory therapy, antibiotics are commonly therapeutic drugs. Or if it is necessary, there will use surgery to unclog.
But neither antibiotics nor surgery can achieve optimal treatment purpose. For example the antibiotics. The tolerance and resistance of antibiotic are inevitable in treatment. Although they can eliminate inflammation, their side effects are also obvious. For delicate organs such as fallopian tubes, surgery is likely to reduce the natural rate of conception, it is not the safest option.
In order for patients to be able to safely and effectively cure the disease, it is suggested that patients consider to take herbal medicine treatment. For example Fuyan Pill in the clinical treatment of fallopian tube disease has achieved good results. It clears heat and accelerate detoxification, promote blood circulation and strenghten spleen function. On one hand, it can achieve the purpose of anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, on the other hand, it can also promote the fallopian tube peristalsis, which make the adhesion around the fallopian tube gradually disappear and the salpinx open to achieve the goal of complete cure.

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