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Dietary Prescription For Tubal Blockage

As the saying goes, disease enters by the mouth. Nowadays, many diseases are caused by improper diet. Diet is a double-edged sword for people. It has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how we use it. For the patients with tubal blockage, reasonable diet can cure infertility, and unreasonable diet can lead to tubal blockage, so we should learn to keep your mouth shut and eat right.

How can diet improve fallopian tube blockage?
1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables appropriately so as to meet the daily needs of vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. Eat more crude grains rich in vitamin B and trace elements.
2. Guarantee one or two cups of fresh milk a day, about half a kilogram to one kilogram.
3. Bean food contains a lot of digestible protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron and calcium. Soybean sprouts and mungbean sprouts also contain abundant vitamin E, 80 grams daily.
4. For all kinds of meat and fish, 100 grams a day is supplied, which is rich in protein. Seafood such as kelp, laver and dried shrimps can ensure iodine intake.
5. Eat 1-2 eggs a day. Eggs are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and other vitamins.
Patients with tubal blockage should also pay attention to:
1. Calcium and phosphorus are easily missing elements in women, while iron is an important element in the production of blood and tissue cells. Therefore, patients should eat more calcium-rich yolk, shrimp skin, beans and lean meat rich in iron.
2. Patients should eat more vegetables and fruits, and mix some coarse grains appropriately. Protein and inorganic salt are especially important and sufficient protein can promote the improvement of immunity of the body, and eat less big fish and meat.
3. In addition, bad diet and living habits, such as staying up late, drinking alcohol, excessive caffeine, and even taking drugs can affect fertility. Fallopian tube blockage can also be caused by nutritional imbalance, excessive or inactive exercise, excessive obesity, stress and insomnia due to weight loss and diet.
The above dietary methods can play an auxiliary role in tubal blockage. For the treatment of tubal blockage, Fuyan Pill is the first choice. Because the main cause of tubal blockage is inflammation, the herbal medicine prescription in Fuyan Pill has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and even invigorating the spleen. It can quickly eliminate tubal inflammation and blockage.

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