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Is Hydrotubation Effective in the Treatment of Tubal Blockage?

The tubal blockage has already become a concern of many women nowadays, mainly because the blocked fallopian tube will not only cause gynecological diseases but also directly lead to infertility. According to the survey, infertility in nearly 1/3 of the female is caused by a tubal blockage. 

Many experts also paid great attention to the problem - tubal blockage, and it is suggested that patients must be treated in time. So how much do you know about the treatment of this disease? Can patients with tubal blockage be treated with hydrotubation?
Hydrotubation is a surgical method to diagnose the severity of the tubal blockage and treat some mild obstruction. It was founded 80 years ago as a method of tubal patency, and it has been gradually replaced by hysterosalpingography with the development of medical science. 
Traditional hydrotubation will cause great harm to many patients and often mislead the diagnosis of doctors. So, what are the hazards of hydrotubation? Is it still useful?
The tubal blockage will reduce women’s rate of pregnancy, and the treatment methods are also different due to different location, severity, and nature of the obstruction, and it is not good to be only treated with hydrotubation. The blockage of the fallopian tubes may be related to infection, cyst and other factors. Therefore, it is suggested to find out the cause before taking hydrotubation. The specific number of hydrotubation should be determined according to the actual condition. Here are the details of it.
First of all, the rate of misdiagnosis is relatively high. After the operation, it is still impossible to determine the specific location of the obstruction and the severity of obstruction, and the risk of tubal rupture is very high, which brings many difficulties to the treatment and endangers the life of women. 
Secondly, the harm of hydrotubation does not only involve the causes above, besides, because the operation is performed under the invisible circumstances, so doctors can not see the internal specific situation, many factors can not be judged, and the effect is quite limited, and there are high requirements for operators, because there is a slight tendency to cause damage to patients’ body if they are a little bit careless.
And hydrotubation is only effective for slight tubal adhesion, but if the adhesion is mild, it can be washed away through the hysterosalpingography. If the hysterosalpingography is ineffective, then hydrotubation can not take effect as well, and repeated hydrotubation is harmful to the fallopian tube. It may destroy the peristalsis and ciliary oscillation of the fallopian tube. Every time the tubal is flushed, it increases the chance of infection. Especially when the sterilization is not strict, many of the condition may be further aggravated after the hydrotubation. 
The major cause of tubal obstruction is chronic inflammation, so most of them  can be treated with drugs, especially Fuyan Pill, which have a good effect because the natural herbs in the formula have the effect of clearing heat and toxic material, killing all the bacteria and eliminating the inflammation, and fundamentally solve the problem of tubal blockage.
Patients can also choose conventional salpingectomy, early oral salpingectomy, adhesions separation, hysterosalpingectomy, etc. for the diseased fallopian tube, but the surgical incision is large and the recovery speed is slow.
During the treatment period, women should keep a stable emotion, avoid excitement and tension, eat more fruits and high-fiber foods so as to keep their bowels regular, avoid unhygienic sexual life, and so on. They also need to strengthen exercise, enhance their disease resistance and promote recovery. I wish you recover as soon as possible!

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