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Why Does Hydrosalpinx Cause Ectopic Pregnancy?

Hydrosalpinx is a kind of tubal disease, which is common in the clinic and has a relatively high incidence in recent years. If it is not treated in time, it will cause various complications, which can lead to female infertility. Now a lot of women usually have ectopic pregnancy because of hydrosalpinx, Why? How does hydrosalpinx cause ectopic pregnancy?

The fallopian tube is the core channel to transport sperm, collect eggs and deliver the fertilized eggs. Generally, the fallopian tube transfers the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity through the oscillation of cilia and the peristalsis of the smooth muscle of the fallopian tube. 
When there is hydrosalpinx, the fertilized eggs can not reach the uterine cavity, they will stay and grow in the oviduct and other parts, resulting in ectopic pregnancy. If an ectopic pregnancy is not found in time, the fallopian tube may rupture due to the growing embryo, causing more serious consequences and threatening life safety. It can cause massive bleeding, shock and even endanger people’s life.
High-risk groups of ectopic pregnancy also include those with a history of adnexitis and pelvic inflammatory disease or those people who have had a tubal surgery, infertility, and previous ectopic pregnancy. Hydrosalpinx can be very harmful. If patients can't cooperate with doctors actively, it will lead to the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, which will have a great impact on the body.
In addition to causing ectopic pregnancy, hydrosalpinx can also cause the following problems.
1) Infertility
Hydrosalpinx can cause tubal obstruction, blockage, adhesions and other phenomena in the oviduct lumen, resulting in the failure of ovulation, directly endangering the normal reproductive function of female patients, resulting in the occurrence of fertility difficulties or infertility.
2) Damage to embryos
Hydrosalpinx will do harm to embryos, the quality of embryos will affect the implantation of embryos, hydrosalpinx will hinder the development of embryos, and its toxic substances will flow into the uterine cavity during embryo transfer, and it  will have a toxic effect on the embryos, affect the development of the embryos, and reduce the implantation ability of the embryos.
Ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy
Once you find that you may have hydrosalpinx, you must go to the regular hospital as early as possible for scientific diagnosis and treatment, to avoid the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and infertility.
The treatment of hydrosalpinx requires a correct assessment of the degree of damage to the function of collecting eggs at the fimbriated extremity of fallopian according to the level of salpingography, the patient's medical history, and relevant information. 
Surgical treatment included transsalpingostomy at the fimbriated extremity of fallopian, laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery. If the fimbriated extremity of fallopian has been irreversibly damaged. We can only try to carry out test-tube infants, but also need to improve the condition of hydrosalpinx with the help of drugs such as natural medicine Fuyan Pill, to avoid the adverse effects of hydrosalpinx on infants.
Prevention of hydrosalpinx
1. Females should also exercise more in daily life, strengthen their own physique, strengthen nutrition, pay attention to a balanced combination of work and rest, avoid overwork as soon as possible, and try to improve the body's immune capacity.
2. Female friends should wash the vagina correctly, and do not use some medicinal lotions with high chemical composition to clean the vagina, which can easily destroy the vaginal environment, leading to the occurrence of vaginitis, and eventually causing hydrosalpinx.
3. Be careful not to abuse antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs will disturb the natural ecological balance of the vagina, leading to the occurrence of vaginitis, secrete inflammatory fluids, and cause hydrosalpinx.

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