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Tubal Blockage: Impressive Benefits of Hot Compress with Crude Salt

Crude salt is not an edible condiment, and it is mostly originated from the salt pools, salt springs, and brine in the sea. Crude salt is an unprocessed natural salt and large-grain salt from direct-sun exposure, it is also a kind of crystallization which can be used as a preservative in food. 

Medically, crude salt is the best raw material for hot compress. The main component of Crude salt is sodium chloride, and it can stimulate and promote the secretion of sebaceous glands. Besides, it can also help to discharge aging substances in the body. However, due to the impurities such as magnesium chloride, it is accessible to deliquescence in the air, so humidity should be avoided while storing.
Hot compress with crude salt can increase local skin temperature, relax people's muscles, expand skin capillaries, and improve local and systemic blood circulation. Moreover, warm-heat stimulation can activate the phagocytosis ability of the reticuloendothelial system, promote the metabolism of various substances in the body, and have a good effect on different inflammatory reactions. 
Furthermore, it can strengthen your local resistance. There is still something patients need to pay attention to :
1. Hot compress with crude salt can also be used during menstruation, which is helpful for dysmenorrhea. But if your menstrual flow is heavy, you'd better stop using it.
2. Hot compress with crude salt can only alleviate the symptoms of gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, tubal adhesion, dysmenorrhea, and a cold womb instead of curing them. Therefore, patients still need to cooperate with conservative natural medicine such as Fuyan Pill, which has the effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and tonifying kidney and qi. Patients can get significant improvements and cure as well as improved resistance.
3. If you want to be pregnant, you should pay attention to the possibility of conception after ovulation. If you continue to use hot compress, it will cause fertilized ovum deformity, so it is best to use hot compress during the period between menstruation and ovulation.
4. It is noted that patients should not use hot compressed within 24 hours of acute injury. 
5. If you have skin ulceration or skin rash, hot compress is prohibited, women who are prepared to have a baby and hypertensive patients are not suitable for long-term hot compress.
6. It is reminded that hot compress with crude salt can only alleviate various symptoms, but can not cure them. 1 to 2 hours of hot compress a day is enough. It can not replace medicine or surgery, so when the disease occurs, do not delay the condition, timely treatment is needed.
Cautions for Hot Compression with Crude Salt
(1) You should choose the raw salt instead of ordinary edible salt. Generally, unrefined salt refers to the salt formed by natural crystallization, the salt used in pickled vegetables in supermarkets can be a right choice.
hot compress
hot compress
(2) You should pay attention to the temperature of the hot compress, overheating will burn the skin, if necessary, please wrap several layers of towels with your skin.
(3) Half an hour after hot salt compress, do not drink cold water or bathe and hand with cold water, so as to avoid catching colds.
(4) Drink plenty of water after hot compress is used to help the body discharge toxins. In addition, the salt can be reused, and the particles can be discarded as they become finer. 

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