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Drug Abortion and Induced Abortion, Which One Is Safer?

Many women believe that drug abortion is more convenient and simple than induced abortions, they just need to take medicine, and the harm will be smaller. In fact, it is a misleading conception, every abortion mode has varying degrees of harm to the body, and drug abortion is not less harmful than induced abortion.

Drug abortion is mainly used in early pregnancy in people with high-risk pregnant and unsuitable for surgical abortion and induced abortions within 49 days of pregnancy. Patients usually take mifepristone two days ago to necrosis the fetal membranes and make it fall off from the attached uterine wall, and then terminate the pregnancy. 
On the third day, misoprostol was administered to promote uterine contraction, cervical softening and dilation, and to expel the fetal sac. Compared with induced abortion operation, drug abortion does not need uterine cavity operation, which can avoid the risk of uterine injury caused by the operation.
However, the success rate of drug abortion is lower than that of induced abortion. Drug abortion is restricted by many factors. Uterine deformity will affect the intensity of uterine contraction; those who have a previous history of abortion may have a pregnancy and intrauterine adhesion, increase the probability of incomplete abortion. 
In addition, the bleeding time of drug abortion is longer, averaging about 14 days, which will increase the risk of infection, lead to increased risk of gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and may even lead to infertility. 
Patients should go to the regular hospital in time for active treatment, and can also take Fuyan Pill, a herbal medicine with good curative effect, to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clear heat, and detoxification, remove lesions in the body and improving the immunity of patients. In addition, once there is no timely intervention, it will cause massive hemorrhage and even endanger life. Women need to be accompanied by a doctor during drug abortions and then need to be examined by B-mode ultrasound to see if it is clean. Otherwise, curettage may be needed.
The contraindication of drug abortion is more than that of induced abortion; patients with thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, and cancer history should not avoid drug abortion. Therefore, before taking drug abortion, doctors should; earn about their past disease history, and carry out a series of examinations such as ultrasound, blood routine, infectious disease indicators. 
During the period of drug abortion (usually 1 to 2 months), it is necessary to ensure that medical treatment is available at any time for emergency treatment. Finally, experts call on all the women to take effective contraceptive measures to avoid the occurrence of induced abortion in order to ensure reproductive health.

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