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Massage Therapy for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Is massage effective to unblock the blocked fallopian tube(tubal blockage) by yourself? The blockage of the fallopian tube occupies a considerable proportion in the group of female infertility, and the main cause is a pelvic inflammatory disease, which damaged the fallopian tube and caused the blockage. The blocked fallopian tube can affect reproductive function, and many patients heard that through massage therapy can help the blocked fallopian tube, does it really work?

Doctors or magicians who advocate natural therapy will massage the abdomen to help unblock the fallopian tube and improve its overall health and function. Massage can improve the blood circulation of the fallopian tube and its surrounding areas, decompose scar tissue and other adhesives, and reduce inflammation.
You can also massage by yourself:
1. Lie down on the sports mat, face up and put a pillow under the back waist.
2. Relax, pour almond oil, olive oil, or lavender oil on your hand and massage on the pubic bone (the uterus is just below the pubic bone).
3. Gently massage down, push the abdominal wall to the navel, count to 10 before releasing your hands. Repeat this action 10 to 20 times.
(Don't do this during menstruation or pregnancy. If it is possible, please find a professional masseur who is proficient in abdominal massage to achieve better results.)
Massage indiscriminately not only will not unblock the tubal blockage but also may cause greater harm to the body. Especially when patients themselves have other diseases like tumors, massage indiscriminately may lead to rupture and bleeding of tumors, and it can even be life-threatening. 
Therefore, it is not advisable to massage blindly on any part of the body. Even for health massage, we should pay attention to methods and techniques. We also need to learn to massage ourselves under the guidance of professional doctors.
It should be noted that tubal blockage is not a single case if there is a tubal blockage, safety, and scientific methods should be chosen. Regardless of the situation of tubal blockage, self-massage can not achieve effective results. Blocked fallopian tubes can be divided into different parts; different treatment methods are needed for tubal blockage in different parts, including proximal tubal obstruction, middle tubal obstruction, and distal tubal obstruction.
If blocked fallopian tubes are suspected or symptoms need to be clarified, it should be treated correctly in the hospital. Patients can choose salpingography or salpingography, these two methods can judge whether the fallopian tube is blocked or not, and they also have a certain therapeutic effect. In addition, salpingography can also identify the location, degree, and severity of blocked fallopian tubes under X-ray imaging.
For drug treatment of tubal obstruction, modern medicine is mainly based on anti-inflammatory treatment, and the effect for the blocked tubes is not very obvious, so drug treatment is mainly based on traditional herbal medicine, such as Fuyan Pill with a high clinical cure rate, the treatment effect is also recognized by many patients.
It helps people unblock the fallopian tubes by promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, as long as the use is rational, it can also play a very good therapeutic effect. It also has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, invigorating the spleen, so that the patients can achieve the purpose of cure. No matter what diseases we get, we should seek scientific and reasonable methods instead of blind treatment.
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