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Is Irregular Menses a Sign of the Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Menses are an important feature reflecting women's physical condition, and irregular menses are often a signal of diseases. Infertility experts suggest that females should develop the habit of recording their own physiological cycle, if there are more than two cycles of menstrual disorders to be noted, the gynecological examination should be taken.



If irregular menses is also accompanied with abdominal pain more attention, it may be the symptoms of the blocked fallopian tube. Women's reproductive system is a complete and coherent system, and many diseases are interrelated — especially organs in the pelvis, such as uterus, ovary, fallopian tube, etc.


The fallopian tube is connected to the uterus and belongs to the tissue part of the uterine appendage. If the fallopian tube is abnormal, it may also cause uterine diseases. Therefore, if the fallopian tube is blocked, there is a certain relationship between menses disorder and it.


Long-term chronic inflammation of the fallopian tube will lead to pelvic congestion, which will cause blood-stasis dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is often accompanied by abdominal pain at the beginning of one week before menses. The closer the menstrual period is, the more severe it will be until menses. If you have dysmenorrhea every time when your periods come, great attention needs to be paid to.



The fallopian tube is adjacent to the ovary. Generally, the fallopian tubal disease does not affect the ovarian function and the menstrual volume. Usually, women's fallopian tubal diseases do not affect women's ovarian function. However, if the fallopian tube is inflamed and blocked, it is likely to affect the ovary and cause certain damage to the ovarian function. Then patients often have menstrual disorders, especially the frequent menses and heavy menstrual flow, which are mainly related to pelvic congestion and ovarian dysfunction.


Many patients with blocked fallopian tubes are caused by infection of bacteria in the pelvic cavity or lumen. The pathogenic bacteria stimulate the fallopian tube for a long time, resulting in tissue edema in the lumen. For a long time, the bacteria are likely to reverse into the uterus, leading to the emergence of endometritis, which will cause abnormal changes in menses.


Some cases may be caused by the primary fallopian tubes, which are related to congenital development. If the development of a fallopian tube, ovary, or uterus organ is abnormal, it will lead to irregular menses.



For the treatment of tubal diseases, modern medicine usually adopts repeated hydrotubation, laparoscopic operation, or intervention, and at the same time, uses a large number of antibiotic infusion every day, combined with microwave, short wave, physical therapy, etc.;


So, why the effect is not good? The main reasons are:


1. Repeated uterine operation during the period of inflammation makes the inflammation spread and aggravate the infection.


2. It makes the inner membrane of the fallopian tube damaged and adhered again.


3. Besides, it will cause iatrogenic infection due to lax disinfection;


4. It can cause bacteria imbalance and double infection due to a large number of antibiotics; this is also the main reason for recurrent hydrosalpinx, blockage, and adhesion after the operation.



For different types of tubal obstruction, different treatment measures should be taken to treat it effectively, especially inflammatory blocked fallopian tubes. In the treatment, traditional Chinese herbal medicine such as Fuyan Pill, which can clear away heat and toxin, remove blood stasis, and dampness can be taken orally.


Moreover, it is made of dozens of natural herbs, which can effectively sterilize and eliminate inflammation, regulate menses and relieve pain, dredge tubal, etc. Patients do not need to worry about any side effects. If postmenopausal women do not need to retain fertility, they can also choose a salpingectomy.


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