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Disadvantages of Hydrotubation
Hydrotubation is to inject the methylene blue or normal saline into the uterine cavity from the cervix, and then it will flow from the uterine cavity into the fallopian tub. According to the size of the resistance and backflow of fluid, doctors can judge whether the fallopian tube is obstructed or not.
Through a certain pressure of the liquid, the blocked fallopian tube can be restored to be the unobstructed state. Hydrotubation can not only check whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed but also has a certain therapeutic effect in separating the mild adhesion. Although the operation of Hydrotubation is simple, it has certain blindness.
Disadvantage No. 1
Hydrotubation is to use a catheter to inject liquid into the uterine cavity. The volume and surface area of the uterine cavity is much larger than the cross-sectional area of the catheter and the Hydrotubation.
According to the principle of hydrodynamics, the pressure is equal to the pressure percent of the force area, so the pressure of the injected liquid into the Hydrotubation is very limited.

Disadvantage No. 2
The basic principle of HSG is basically the same as that of Hydrotubation. If the adhesion of the fallopian tube is mild, it will be unobstructed after HSG. If the condition can not be treated by HSG, then there will be no effect after Hydrotubation.
Disadvantage No. 3
Hydrotubation is a kind of blind operation. In the process, we can't see the specific process of the injected fluid in the patient's body, so we can't make clear the location and nature of the tubal obstruction, which is of no help to determine the treatment method and effect of tubal obstruction.
Disadvantage No. 4
In the actual clinical work, it is found that the misdiagnosis rate of tubal Hydrotubation is as high as 50%. It is impossible to determine the position of blocked fallopian tubes, the severity, and type of tubal obstruction, and it may cause the risk of massive hemorrhage of ectopic pregnancy.
Generally, a blocked fallopian tube is caused by chronic inflammation. For patients who have caused serious adhesion, if you undergo Hydrotubation repeatedly. The adverse consequences are as follows:
1. Repeated use of antibiotics not only can not play an anti-inflammatory role but also may cause the spread of infection and delay the disease;
2. It may destroy the peristalsis ability of the oviduct and the wiggle ability of the cilia, which are the two peristalsis functions by which the fertilized egg moves to the uterine cavity for implantation;
3. Repeated operations may also be the cause of hydrosalpinx.
With the development of science and technology, modern medicine is also constantly improving; more accurate methods are gradually used in the diagnosis of fallopian tube diseases. For example, salpingoscopy can evaluate the whole length, the mucous membrane, and patency of the whole fallopian tube, which provides more advantages for a further accurate diagnosis.
If the patient wants to treat this disease safely and effectively, it is better to choose the traditional Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. Herbal medicine will not produce any toxic side effects, but it can also repair the damaged tissues and organs through the comprehensive conditioning of the patient.
Not only can it treat blocked the fallopian tube, but also can help patients balance Qi and blood, improve immunity, so as to improve the internal environment of the reproductive system and prevent a recurrence. In many years of clinical application, it has been found to have achieved a significant curative effect in women's diseases.
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