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Castor Oil Therapy for Blocked Fallopian Tubes
Castor oil is very effective in dealing with many infertility problems, such as a blocked fallopian tube, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, hysteromyoma, ovarian cyst, pain, and irregular menstrual cycle.
Castor oil is believed to increase blood and lymph circulation around the fallopian tube. The increase of blood supply helps to open the blocked fallopian tube and make it function better. Lymph helps to remove old cells, scar tissue, and unhealthy cells.
You can apply castor oil directly to your lower abdomen, or use a dressing bag and paper towel soaked with castor oil (these are easy to buy from the Internet and herbal stores). You need to rub castor oil every day for at least one to two months to get good results.
Besides, you can also soak a piece of cloth in the oil and place it on your abdomen. Then you can put a heating pad on it and wrap it over the cloth, or a hot-water bag. This can help promote good circulation and tissue healing.
The oil mentioned above has medicinal properties, and its physiological and psychological effects vary from person to person. Taking castor oil may cause allergic symptoms. If it is an allergic system, people should use it with caution, and avoid using it during menstruation and pregnancy, or if there is abdominal inflammation, so as to avoid harm to the body.


At ordinary times, eating less castor oil will not have great side effects. If you take castor oil for a long time, it can lead to intestinal dysfunction, leading to the occurrence of melanosis coli, so you must pay attention to when using castor oil.
In addition, the therapeutic effect of castor oil is limited, so it can only be used as an auxiliary method. Taking operations to unblock the blocked fallopian tube is a popular method at present, such as common salpingostomy and radiography, which are not only a means to check the blockage of the fallopian tube, but also can play a certain therapeutic effect on relatively mild adhesions and blockage.
Anti-inflammatory treatment for the blocked fallopian tubes is not very effective, so there are more and more patients who choose conservative, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, such as Fuyan Pill, which has a high clinical cure rate.
Traditional Chinese medicine not only has a therapeutic effect but also has a very good conditioning effect on the human body. The formula contains more than 50 kinds of herbs, such as Poria cocos, peach kernel, safflower, Atractylodes macrocephala, yam, honeysuckle, etc.
Therefore, Fuyan Pill has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, strengthening the spleen, and promoting dampness, which can help patients balance Qi and blood and improve immunity. The therapeutic effect is also recognized by many patients. Finally, I hope you can recover as soon as possible.
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