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Unblock the Fimbrial Blockage with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

The fimbrial end of the fallopian tube has the function of collecting eggs, so when the fimbrial end is blocked, the egg cannot enter the fallopian tube and combine with the sperm to form the fertilized egg.
Therefore, for women with fertility requirements, in order to successfully conceive a baby, the fimbrial blockage is a key problem that needs to be cured first. So how does Chinese herbal medicine treat the fimbrial blockage?
Salpingostomy is a common method of modern medicine in the treatment of fimbrial blockage. However, salpingostomy is often accompanied by serious destruction of the cilia tissue and damage of the peristalsis ability of the muscular layer of the fallopian tube, the pregnancy rate of the patients after the operation is only about 30%.
Generally, traditional Chinese medicine doctors treat patients not for some pathogenic factors, but through comprehensive conditioning on patients' body to achieve the purpose of a thorough cure.
Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine can not only unblock the blocked fimbria but also repair the peristalsis ability of damaged tubal cilia and muscular, so as to help patients improve the pregnancy rate.

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