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Can Blocked Fallopian Tube Caused by Abortion Be Cured by Herbal Medicine?


There are many reasons for the blocked fallopian tubes(tubal blockage), and abortion is one of them. Why and how does this happen?
On the one hand, mechanical stimulation during abortions can make the uterine smooth muscle contracts straightly, and part of the contents of the uterine cavity will enter into the lumen of the fallopian tube and become blocked mechanically.
On the other hand, some women will find some irregular hospitals for abortion due to privacy, and improper and unqualified disinfection operations can easily lead to postoperative infection, resulting in blocked fallopian tubes.
In the clinic, hydrotubation and HSG are often used to unblock the blocked part of fallopian tube. However, there is a possibility of recurrence after the operation, which will cause the adhesion and blockage of the fallopian tube again. Generally, a blocked fallopian tube is caused by the inflammation. If the inflammation is not eliminated, even if the blocked part has been separated temporarily in time, inflammatory secretion will cause the fallopian tube to stick together and blocked.
Blocked fallopian tubes can be divided into unilateral and bilateral type. Unilateral obstruction of the fallopian tubes will reduce the probability of pregnancy, while the rate of pregnancy in patients with bilateral blocked fallopian tubes is slim. For women who get pregnant as soon as possible, treatment is a difficult task.
So can this type of patients take herbal medicine for a cure?


First of all, we have to know the principle of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) treatment. TCM believes that no matter what causes blocked fallopian tube, the root cause is due to the stagnation of Qi and blood, blockage of passages through which vital energy circulates, resulting in the pathological changes in the fallopian tube, such as congestion, edema, inflammatory infiltration, empyema, hydrops, and granulation hyperplasia.
Therefore, the treatment should be based on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and detoxification. At present, the therapeutic effect of Fuyan Pill, which has a high clinical cure rate, has been recognized by many patients.
In the process of treatment, Dr. Lee added ingredients of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis in the formula, which can relieve the microcirculation obstacle, improve the microcirculation function, change the hemorheology property, so as to promote the absorption and regression of inflammatory and necrotic tissues.
Besides, it can reduce tissue proliferation and dissolution of tissue adhesion, improve the fibrosis of fallopian lumen, promote the regeneration and heal the damaged endometrium, which is beneficial to the patency and recovery of fallopian tubs.
In the inflammatory stage, the detoxification and stasis removing function can reduce the permeability of capillaries, exudation, and edema, enhance the activity of the monocyte-macrophage system, inhibit the proliferation of fibroblasts and synthesis of collagen, and promote the decomposition and absorption of collagen, so as to prevent adhesion. At the same time, it can enhance the immunity of patients, help patients recover, and effectively prevent a recurrence.
It can be seen that the blocked fallopian tube caused by abortion can be effectively cured by herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, so patients can take it at ease. As long as stick to the diet and keep good personal hygiene, patients can achieve the goal of a cure. However, due to the different constitutions, duration, and severity of the condition of each patient, the course will also be different.
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