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Can Moxibustion Open the Blocked Fallopian Tube?
Moxibustion can make the local skin congested, enhance the local blood circulation and lymph circulation, relieve the spasm of smooth muscle, promote the metabolism of local skin tissue, promote the dissipation or elimination of pathological products such as inflammation and hematoma. In addition to these, it also has the effects of sedation and analgesia, promotes the absorption of drug efficacy.
Moxibustion first appeared in ancient China, because its mechanism is similar to acupuncture, and it has a complementary therapeutic effect with acupuncture. Generally,  acupuncture and moxibustion are used together. Moxibustion is the natural therapy that ignites the moxa cone or moxa stick made of moxa leaves and then smokes the acupoints on the human body to achieve health care or treatment.
Although moxibustion has many functions and is widely used and it can achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory and reduce swelling, it is not ideal for the treatment of blocked fallopian tubes. It can play a certain role in dysmenorrhea caused by the tubal blockage, but it can not open the blocked fallopian tube. So patients should still be treated with conventional drugs.
Since moxibustion can not cure the obstruction of the fallopian tube, it should be treated by other medical means. At present, there are two main methods to treat blocked fallopian tubes:
1. Surgical treatment
The treatment cycle is long, and the price is high; what’s more, the recovery effect of the physiological function is not ideal.
2. Herbal Medicine
TCM stresses the overall deduction and systematic treatment and strives to achieve the effect of treating symptoms and removing the causes through the whole body conditioning. 
And the common Fuyan Pill can not only open the blocked fallopian tube but also help the patients to heal the damaged tissue and organs, balance the Qi and blood circulation, enhance the immunity, so as to achieve the effect of preventing recurrence thoroughly and improving the pregnancy rate. In addition, the biggest advantage of this pill is that it will not produce any side effects due to reasonable compatibility, so patients can take it for a long time without worries.
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