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Pay Attention to These When You Have Test for Blocked Fallopian Tubes
For many patients with blocked fallopian tubes(tubal blockage), it is necessary to do some tests, through tests, it can determine the degree of severity and part of the blockage, which is more conducive to the later treatment and rehabilitation. So what does the patient need to pay attention to when carrying out these tests?
Before test
1. It is suggested to do the relevant gynecological examination, which is mainly used to confirm whether there is an inflammatory infection so as to avoid affecting the test results. If there is gynecological inflammation, then patients should check it again several months after the inflammation is cured.
If everything is normal, you can just test for blocked fallopian tubes. If the patient has a history of gynecological inflammation, antibiotics should be used properly to prevent inflammation.
2. For patients, the best testing time is 3-7 days after menstruation ends. Because of the detection time is too close to menstruation, and the endometrium has not been completely repaired, the gas or oil produced during the test may enter the blood sinus of the endometrium, forming embolism, and at the same time, it may squeeze the remaining blood in the uterine cavity into the fallopian tube, causing infection and other diseases.
3. The patient should also stop having sex for 3 days before tests, so as to prevent affecting the normal progress of the examination, and at the same time, to avoid causing pain and bleeding of the patient.
4. In addition, patients should urinate and have a cleansing enema, which is mainly used to avoid affecting the normal operation, especially in the HSG.
During test
1. The body temperature of the patient should be lower than 37.5 ℃ during the examination, in order to prevent iatrogenic infection, the examination must be carried out in accordance with the sterile operation principle.


2. There are many methods to detect the blocked fallopian tube, such as HSG, ultrasonography, salpingography, laparoscopy, etc., but the patient needs to pay attention to that only one interventional examination can be carried out in a menstrual cycle. In addition, it should be noted that it will take several months to carry out other test items after salpingography.
After test
1. In order to avoid infection or pain and to bleed, the patient should be abstinent for 1-2 weeks after the tests, at the same time, the sitz bath should be avoided.
2. After the test, there will be a small amount of vaginal bleeding within one week. If there is no other uncomfortable symptom, it is a normal phenomenon. If the amount of bleeding exceeds the amount of menstruation, or there are other uncomfortable symptoms, the patient needs to go to the hospital in time for examination and treatment.
The treatment for blocked fallopian tubes has always been a tough problem. Most of the cases are secondary to an inflammatory infection, especially pelvic inflammatory diseases. It is true that some of the fallopian tube problems caused by inflammation can be treated with antibiotics, but this only exists in the early stage of inflammation. If there has already been developed parenchymal lesions in the fallopian tube, the use of antibiotics is of little significance.
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