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Aloe Vera for Blocked Fallopian Tube
Due to acute, chronic salpingitis or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, fallopian tube tuberculosis, or adhesion of appendages after pelvic surgery, or endometriosis, the fallopian tube is often blocked. Do you know that Aloe vera also has a certain effect in treating blocked fallopian tubes? And what role does aloe play in the treatment?
1. Antibacterial and fungicidal effects
Aloe Vera's antibacterial effect comes from aloin's cytokinin function, which has relatively aggressive biochemical properties, so aloe vera can directly kill bacteria.
2. Immune stimulant
The inflammation that causes the oviduct to block, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, is usually closely related to the low immunity. And immune stimulant is the basic function of Aloe vera on the human body, and it has a remarkable curative effect in the treatment of some diseases caused by the decrease of immunity.
3. Enhance bacteriophage, detoxification and cleaning functions
Another important role of aloe is its significant bacteriophage effect. The body's immune system will clear away the bacteria, infections, and dead cells through the bacteriophage role. 
On the one hand, immunostimulants have a bacteriophagic effect; on the other hand, the detoxification and cleaning functions of the body also have a bacteriophagic effect, which can effectively kill the pathogenic bacteria causing inflammation.
For the body, bacteria and bacterial remains are poisons that must be removed from the body. The dead cells infected by bacteria are also harmful to the body. These dead cells and toxins in the body must be eliminated through bacteriophage. Therefore, the enhancement of bacteriophage function is to enhance the detoxification and cleaning function of the body. This effect can not only effectively eliminate the discomfort symptoms of patients, but also remove the focus.
It can be seen from the above that Aloe Vera has a lot of health effects, but excessive aloe vera will cause harm to the body and lead to many different side effects, such as skin allergy, kidney function damage, blood sugar reduction, etc. Eating a lot of aloe juice can cause digestive problems, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, leading to dehydration and electrolyte disorders.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, a blocked fallopian tube is mainly caused by pathological changes such as stagnation of Qi and blood circulation, congestion, edema, inflammatory infiltration, empyema, hydrops, and granulation hyperplasia of the fallopian tube.
The effect of simple sterilization and anti-inflammatory in aloe vera is limited. Patients also need to take the drugs with effects of strengthening blood circulation and removing stasis, invigorating the spleen, and promoting dampness at the same time, such as common Fuyan Pill.
Modern pharmacological research has proved that the herbal medicine of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis can improve hemodynamics, hemorheology and microcirculation.
At the same time, Fuyan Pill can reduce the permeability of the capillaries in the inflammatory area, reduce the inflammatory exudation, improve the blood circulation of local tissues, promote the absorption of the inflammatory exudate, inhibit the production of collagen by fibrocytes, and has anti-inflammatory and humoral immunity and cellular immunity, opening blocked fallopian tubes thoroughly.
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