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Therapeutic Effect of Ginger on Gynecological Diseases
Ginger is a plant rhizome that is often used as a cooking spice and cold remedy. Although there are many suggestions and studies on the medicinal value of ginger, the results are often different. However, there is no doubt that ginger is a herbal drink because it can warm the body against the cold, and promote digestion and anti-inflammatory benefits. Many people claim that including it in their diet is good for health.
In many countries, ginger is regarded as a kind of herbal remedy. For many years, people have been using it to reduce inflammation, help digestion, promote cardiovascular health, and even used it to resist plague in history. At the same time, it also plays an important role in gynecology health care and gynecology disease treatment. It is widely used in the treatment of various gynecological diseases.
The normal functions of women in all aspects are based on good blood flow. Ginger can improve and promote blood circulation and help to eliminate waste in women's bodies. Therefore, patients' dysmenorrhea and other discomforts can be rapidly improved.
Dysmenorrhea is a typical symptom of blocked fallopian tubes and other inflammations, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis. The results show that the effect of taking 750-2000 mg ginger extract in the first 3-4 days after menstruation may be the same as that of nonsteroidal painkillers, and maybe better than placebo. In general, it may be useful. 
The clinical practice guidelines for primary dysmenorrhea (No.345) issued by the Canadian Association of Obstetricians and gynecologists in 2017 also suggest that ginger can be used as a complementary and alternative therapy to relieve dysmenorrhea. And its anti-inflammatory properties also alleviate arthritis and other body pain and other effects.
Scientific research has found that ginger can play the role of some antibiotics, ginger extract can significantly inhibit the efficacy of skin fungi and Trichomonas vaginalis, can effectively prevent gynecological diseases. In addition to being a common spice, people also use ginger to make drinks such as tea and beer. 
Ginger tea can provide unparalleled immune enhancement and anti-oxidation effect, which is conducive to health. All of these benefits of ginger come from the gingerols, ginger protease, myrrh, resin oil, starch, as well as essential oils and active ingredients such as gingerols, camphene, eucalyptus, borneol, etc.
Most people know the health benefits and cooking uses of ginger. But like any herbs, high doses or excessive use can also cause some adverse effects. Ginger root may also interfere with the efficacy of other drugs, herbs, and nutritional supplements and may cause complications. Therefore, before using ginger as a treatment, it is best to consult a professional doctor first to avoid any adverse reactions. And for diseases mentioned above, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill which is safe and effective, may be a greater choice.
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