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Effect of Essential Oil on Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Essential oil is a kind of lipophilic substance, which can be combined with protein and glycoprotein. It has the functions of anti-bacteria, anti-virus, anti-fungus, and anti-pathogen. This is because the essential oil can penetrate the cell wall and the cell membrane, so the cytoplasm will leak out, inhibiting the operation mechanism of bacteria. 
At the same time, the essential oil will interfere with the information transmission and living environment between bacteria, thus affecting the bacterial fission reproduction and resisting pathogens. Massage combined with essential oil, can improve the efficiency of lymph circulation, effectively eliminate the waste and toxin accumulated in the body, and obviously and rapidly improve the uncomfortable symptoms. 
When the blood circulation of the human becomes poor, it will have a series of adverse effects on the body. At this time, essential oil is helpful to improve the microvascular circulation of arteries and veins, so as to effectively help the exchange of nutrients and gases between blood and cells, so as to accelerate the elimination of metabolic waste in human body, and achieve the purpose of curing microcirculation system diseases, promoting metabolism and reducing inflammation and pain.
Massage with essential oil can maintain, promote and adjust the normal function of the internal and external secretory glands, including the sebaceous glands and the adrenal glands, ovaries and other endocrine glands. 

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