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Can Cranberry Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Cranberry is rich in proanthocyanidins (a kind of bioflavonoids), which are internationally recognized as effective natural antioxidants to eliminate human free radicals. Their anti-free radical oxidation ability is 50 times that of VE. Cranberry is not only antioxidant but also anti-aging. It is absolutely necessary for women.
According to the latest research, cranberry contains not only procyanidins A but also xylose oligosaccharide, which has the effect of antibacterial adhesion and can help women care for their urinary tract health more effectively. Daily intake of cranberry is a nutrient that helps to reduce the recurrence of urinary tract infection and the use of antibiotics.
Like other berries, cranberries are antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory. In fact, cranberries are second only to blueberries in antioxidant content (often known as the king of antioxidants). Cranberries also provide anti-inflammatory compounds. Studies have shown that cranberry consumption has lower levels of human C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker.
Take more acid food, can reduce the speed of bacterial reproduction. The tannic acid in cranberry can prevent the bacteria from entering the pelvic cavity. It is the guardian of the pelvic cavity and can protect the pelvic cavity from the bacteria. Pelvic inflammatory disease is one of the main causes of blocked fallopian tubes. Therefore, cranberry has an indirect therapeutic effect on blocked fallopian tubes.
The anthocyanin contained in cranberry, also known as proanthocyanidins or concentrated tannic acid, is a rare ingredient in other fruits and vegetables, which can inhibit these pathogenic bacteria; in other words, the anthocyanin in cranberry makes bacteria unable to attach to human growth, thus reducing the probability of human infection.

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