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Can Vitamin C Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes?
Clinically, most of the cases of blocked fallopian tubes are caused by chronic inflammation, which leads to local tissue exudation and adhesion. And inflammation is mainly caused by two different sources of pathogenic microorganism infection:
1. Self- limited pathogenic microorganism
When the immunity of the human body declines, the balanced state of its own pathogenic microorganism is broken, which causes selflimitedd disease. Meanwhile, the immunity of private places will also decline correspondingly. At this time, the pathogenic bacteria will take advantage of the situation, leading to infection and repeated attacks.
2. Pathogenic microorganisms related to sexual transmission
Sexually transmitted infections cause sexually transmitted diseases. 
Modern medical research shows that vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for human beings. It has many biological functions. When a lack of vitamin C, it will also cause metabolism disorder, especially protein metabolism disorder, which is easy to cause invasion of bacteria and viruses, resulting in reduced immunity of the body, thus suffering from a variety of diseases.
Vitamin C can protect the cell membrane and detoxify, promote the metabolism of tyrosine and tryptophan in amino acids, prolong the life of the body, and enhance the anti-stress ability and immunity of the body to the external environment. 


Modern medical research shows that in the process of human life activities, it is very important to ensure the integrity of cells and normal metabolism, which plays a special role in maintaining and consolidating the immune function of the human body.
When the body is infected, the amount of vitamin C in leukocytes will decrease dramatically. Vitamin C can increase the chemotaxis and deformability of neutrophils, improve the germicidal ability and promote the formation of lymphocytes.
Therefore, vitamin C can play an auxiliary role in the prevention and treatment of blocked fallopian tubes. In addition, patients can also take herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which can effectively promote the elimination and dissipation of inflammation, reduce inflammatory exudation, eliminate edema and adhesion. 
Therefore, it can not only effectively dredge the fallopian tube, but also help patients regulate the internal, activate blood circulation, improve the body resistance, so as to achieve the effect of removing focus and reduce symptoms, which can be a great choice for treatment.
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