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Aromatherapy and Blocked Fallopian Tubes
The term Aromatherapy was founded by gattcfosse, a French chemist, in 1928 when he published his research results in a scientific journal. In his research, he also confirmed the theoretical basis of the essential oil in science: "because of its excellent permeability, the essential oil penetrates into the deep tissues of the skin. After being absorbed by microvasculature, it can reach the treated organs through blood circulation."
Modern aromatherapy began in 1937. Modern aromatherapy uses the fragrant gas and healing ability of pure natural plant essential oil to reach the nervous system and blood circulation through the absorption pipe of olfactory organ and skin with special massage technique, so as to help people get comfortable in body and mind, maintain skin and improve health.
The essential oil comes from Aromatic Herbst, and not all plants can produce essential oil. Only those plants with balsam glands can produce essential oil. The distribution of balsam glands in different plants is different, and some are on petals, leaves, rhizomes, or trunk. After the sachet is extracted, it becomes what we call "essential plant oil."
The essential oil has a good effect on diseases of the endocrine, metabolism, urinary system, venereal system, immune system, gynecologic, muscle, bone, skin, blood circulation system, and digestive system.


For example, rosewood can strongly stimulate human immunity, mildly relieve pain and effectively fight against various kinds of inflammation; Angelica has the function of ventilation, relieving spasm, calming and regulating uterine muscles, treating menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, and other diseases, and its aqueous solution can excite the uterus.
Doctors or magicians who advocate massaging the abdomen to help dredge the blocked fallopian tubes and improve their overall health and function. Massage can improve the blood circulation of the fallopian tube and its surrounding parts, decompose scar tissue and other adherents, and reduce inflammation. You can pour almond oil, olive oil, or lavender oil on your hands and massage on the pubis (the uterus is just below the pubis).
However, aromatherapy is often used as an auxiliary means of traditional treatment; people can not only rely on it to unblock the blocked fallopian tubes. And herbal medicine Fuyan Pill which is developed on the basis of ancient traditional Chinese medicine can be a good choice.
It has a complete formula, can improve the microcirculation function, so as to promote the absorption and regression of inflammatory and necrotic tissues, reduce tissue proliferation and dissolution of adhesion, improve the fibrosis of the fallopian tube cavity, promote the regeneration of the damaged endometrium, and is conducive to the functional recovery of the fallopian tube. In addition, due to reasonable compatibility, there will be no side effects.
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