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Can Fish Oil Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes?
Fish oil, as the name implies, is the oil extracted from fish with high oil content. And raw materials are usually salmon, sardine, herring and mackerel. It mainly includes body oil, glycerin and brain oil, three components, namely omega-3 fatty acid, DHA and EPA. It is generally believed that these fatty acids can reduce inflammation.
Omega-3 deficiency is one of the causes of many diseases
Modern research found that omega-3 has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and has no many side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs, so it is called the most effective natural anti-inflammatory drugs. Inflammation is one of the most common causes of blocked fallopian tubes, and it can damage the mucous membrane of the fallopian tube and cause scar tissues, resulting in lumen stenosis or obstruction.
In animal experiments, omega-3 can bind to G protein-coupled receptor 120 (GPR120) and GPR40, thus playing a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory role. On the other hand, omega-3 can inhibit NLRP3 inflammatory bodies, which may help inflammatory diseases.


A large number of unsaturated fatty acids in fish oil can regulate the body's autoimmune system and enhance the body's immunity, so as to play the role of anti-infection and disease resistance. Although it is generally safe, too much fish oil can increase the risk of bleeding and may inhibit the immune response. Fish oil may interact with some drugs, and please consult your doctor before taking fish oil.
The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill invented by Dr. Lee is composed of more than 50 varieties of ingredients, such as bupleurum, Poria cocos, Atractylodes macrocephala, Chinese yam, angelica, liquorice,safflower, peach kernel, honeysuckle, etc., which can effectively kill various pathogens, eliminate inflammation, promote blood circulation, alleviate patients' symptoms and discomfort, and dredge blocked fallopian tubes.
In addition, Fuyan Pill can also help patients to improve the internal environment of the reproductive system, repair the damaged tubal mucosa and ciliated tissue, so as to achieve the effect of a thorough cure.
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