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Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Compared with surgery, acupuncture can not only remove salpingitis safely, relieve salpingospasm, but also reduce the probability of blockage after laparoscopic surgery and accelerate the repair of tissue damage. Moreover, acupuncture can also regulate the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary axis, relieve anxiety and tubal spasm, increase local blood circulation, reduce mucosal congestion, and promote tissue repair.
Modern research shows that moxibustion has a better therapeutic effect in the treatment of painful diseases caused by blood stasis. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, this is because moxibustion has a warming effect and can promote blood circulation and the elimination of inflammation and infection caused by blocked fallopian tubes.
Massage can consume and remove a large number of lipid substances in the blood vessel wall, expand capillaries, increase blood flow, improve microcirculation, massage the lower abdomen can promote local blood circulation, not only help to eliminate salpingitis, but also help to enhance the resistance of the body. However, this is not recommended during menstruation.
Chinese Aromatherapy
Chinese Aromatherapy mainly relies on the aromatic smell of herbal medicine, and the odor mainly comes from the volatile oil contained in herbal medicine. The volatile oil is a small molecular material, which can be quickly absorbed by the body and has a wide range of effects, such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, promoting drug absorption, enhancing immunity, and so on. Tips: Aromatherapy cannot replace conventional treatment.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, the balance of Yin and Yang is an important factor in determining whether the human body is healthy or not. Scraping is a kind of external treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.
With the help of some instruments acting on specific parts of the body surface (meridians and acupoints, positive reaction points, etc.), it can stimulate the direct coordination of internal organs of the human body, keep a balance between Yin and Yang, improve blood circulation, promote cell generation, enhance the disease resistance and finally achieve the goal of curing diseases.
Acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and salpingitis often cause blocked fallopian tubes. While the uterus is adjacent to the rectum, herbal enema can directly produce effect through the rectum.
After the rectal mucosa absorbs the solution, it can promote blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition, reduce inflammatory exudation, make the focus soft and loose, make the adherent tissue dissipate and edema disappear, so as to open the blocked fallopian tubes.

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