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Role and Effect of Herbal Enema in the Treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

With the progress of modern medicine, the use of Western medicine is more and more extensive, but also because of this, antibiotics and hormones began to abuse, so traditional Chinese medicine therapy is gradually being applied and can treat many diseases, including the blocked fallopian tubes we want to talk about, and herbal enema is one of them.
Herbal enema, also known as anorectal medicine, has a long history. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, it is a kind of therapy for internal diseases and external treatment.
The main content of herbal enema is to slowly infuse the liquid medicine into the body from the anus after decocting the traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of the disease so that the liquid medicine can remain in the rectum and colon, and the effective ingredients in the liquid medicine can be absorbed through the intestinal mucosa of the human body, so as to achieve the effect of treating the corresponding disease.
The uterus is adjacent to the rectum, in the course of enema treatment, herbal medicine is absorbed through the intestinal wall, and the rectal mucosa absorbs the solution, which penetrates into the pelvic cavity and directly reaches the focus, promotes blood circulation, improves tissue nutrition, reduces inflammatory exudation, softens and loosens the focus, dissipates the adherent tissue and disappears the edema.

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