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Scraping for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

According to modern medicine, scraping can make local skin congested, capillary dilated and blood circulation speeded up; in addition, stimulation of scraping can regulate vasomotor and contractive function and permeability of blood vessel wall through neuroendocrine, enhance local blood flow supply and improve the blood circulation of the whole body.
The process of scraping is a kind of phenomenon that blood vessels expand gradually to capillary rupture and blood stasis spots are formed in local skin. These blood clots caused by scraping can break up soon, and play the role of self hemolysis, forming a new stimulant, strengthening local metabolism, and eliminating inflammation.
In addition, the scrapping process can make the local tissue form highly hyperemia, stimulate the blood vessels and nerves, expand the blood vessels, increase the blood flow and lymph, strengthen the phagocytosis and transport force, accelerate the elimination of metabolic waste in the body, so as to purify the blood, increase the resistance of the whole body, reduce the disease and promote rehabilitation.
Scraping the waist before menstruation can prevent and relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorder of patients with blocked fallopian tubes, but it can not eliminate the focus. Therefore, physical therapy, such as scraping and cupping, can only be used as an auxiliary treatment.

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