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Role of Massage in Treating Blocked Fallopian Tubes

When the body resistance of female decreases, or the natural defense function is destroyed, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease, thus causing blocked fallopian tubes. Accelerating pelvic blood circulation is a good way to eliminate inflammation.
1. Principles of treatment
Massage can improve the pelvic blood circulation, regulate the endocrine function, eliminate metabolic waste in the body, so as to play the role of clearing away heat and detoxification, and eliminating inflammation.
Besides, massage can promote the circulation of blood and lymph in the pelvic cavity and lumbosacral region, release the adhesion of connective tissue, so as to promote the elimination of inflammation and mass, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation, eliminating inflammation and pain, and get rid of swelling and nodes.
2. Steps
2.1 Stand and breathe naturally, relax your body, rub your hands on both sides of your abdomen to the pubic bone, and rub them back and forth for a massage, 4 times in total. It can promote pelvic blood circulation, prevent dysmenorrhea and other gynecological diseases;

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