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Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes
Blocked fallopian tubes are a common cause of infertility. According to the cause and location of the obstruction, the treatment is different.
Surgical treatment is only used for patients with slight obstruction of the distal or proximal end of the fallopian tube. If they are still pregnant 12 months after the operation, it is necessary to consider assisted childbearing. IVF-ET should be used as a first-line treatment for patients with severe tubal adhesions.
Generally, the disease is not treated with drugs, mainly through surgery and assisted reproductive technology.
Surgical treatment
1. Laparoscopic surgery
The main surgical method of proximal obstruction of the fallopian tube is tubal intubation and dredging. The surgical treatment of distal obstruction includes separation of fallopian tube adhesion, Salpingoplasty, and salpingostomy.
The advantage of laparoscopic surgery is that the pregnancy rate is not lower than that of open surgery, and it has the advantages of less postoperative adhesion and fast recovery. Laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment is the gold standard of an infertility evaluation.
2. Hysteroscopy
Under hysteroscopy, tubal catheterization and fluid infusion were performed.
Preoperative preparation: It is advised to perform this surgery one week after menstruation;
Doctors may give antibiotics as appropriate to prevent infection;
Pay attention to vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs.
Other treatments
The patients with severe tubal adhesions and blocked fallopian tubes or still not pregnant after laparoscopic surgery should consider assisted reproductive technology, including IVF-ET and its derivative technology.
TCM Treatment
There is no evidence-based medical evidence to support the TCM treatment of the disease, but some TCM treatment methods or drugs, such as Li Xiaoping, are reasonably combined with her more than 30 years of clinical experience on the basis of ancient prescriptions.
The herbs in the formula are taken from common herbal medicines in nature, such as bupleurum, Poria cocos, gardenia, yam, angelica, honeysuckle, etc., which can effectively dredge the blocked fallopian tube and relieve symptoms. However, it is recommended to go to a regular medical institution for treatment under the guidance of a doctor.
Whether the fallopian tube is blocked after the operation is related to the severity of the blockage, but the probability of ectopic pregnancy is higher in patients than in normal women.
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