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How to Prevent Blocked Fallopian Tubes?
Blocked fallopian tubes account for 25% to 35% of the causes of female infertility, and the main cause of blocked fallopian tubes is a pelvic inflammatory disease. The incidence of secondary blocked fallopian tubes is directly related to the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease. So how do women prevent blocked fallopian tubes?
Prevention of infection
Infection is a common cause of blocked fallopian tubes, so active prevention and treatment of various infections in daily life can effectively prevent blocked fallopian tubes.
1. Prevention of sexually transmitted infections
There are three main ways to lead to sexual infection: unclean sexual intercourse; promiscuity; the husband infects his wife with sexually transmitted diseases.
2. Prevention and control of pathogenic bacteria infection
Some pathogenic bacteria, such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, gonococcus, etc., are likely to cause pelvic peritonitis and all kinds of serious infection in the whole body when they are transferred to the fallopian tube or pelvis through vagina, cervix and other ways, and then cause the fallopian tube blockage. Common inflammatory diseases such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, endometritis, and so on.
In addition, tuberculosis is also a major cause of salpingal obstruction, especially in rural areas, and the salpingal obstruction caused by tuberculous pathogens is often bilateral lesions.
3. Prevention of infection after female examination and operation
Induced abortion or inflammation caused by some reproductive system tests is also a common cause of salpingal tube blockage, among which induced abortion is more common,
caesarean section, induction, abortion, removal, and release of the contraceptive ring, endometriosis of fallopian tube may also lead to blocked fallopian tubes.
Many patients are caused by an inflammatory infection caused by improper operation, improper postoperative health care, or severe reduction of resistance, which leads to the obstruction of the fallopian tube. The local infectious diseases caused by this kind of etiology mainly include pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis, etc.
A healthy lifestyle
It is closely related to an unhealthy lifestyle. Prevention should start from the following aspects.
1. Contraception
Abortion is one of the main causes of tubal obstruction. Many women suffer from tubal obstruction because of irregular abortion operations. Even if it is a normal operation, it can not be performed many times. Otherwise, it also increases the risk of postoperative infection.
Therefore, it is necessary to take safe contraceptive measures, stagger sexual life during ovulation, and avoid induced abortion as much as possible. In addition, sexual life should be strictly prohibited within one month after induced abortion; otherwise, it may also cause tubal obstruction.
2. Good living habit
Develop good hygiene, especially pay attention to the cleanliness of the reproductive organs, clean the sexual organs before and after every sexual life, which can effectively prevent the infection of various pathogens, so as to avoid the serious consequences of the blocked fallopian tube.
3. Exercise
Take enough cellulose and microelements every day, work and rest regularly, exercise properly, strengthen the body's resistance and immunity, strengthen the nutrition after abortion and delivery, so as to reduce the risk of fallopian tube obstruction.
Timely treatment
In case of the following symptoms, please go to the hospital in time:
1. Vaginal discharge
Patients with blocked fallopian tubes will have symptoms of increased vaginal discharge. Not only that, but some patients will also have abnormal vaginal discharge with changes in the color, quality, character, and odor.
2. Menstruation
Blood volume increases when menstruation comes.
3. Abdomen
Some women with a blocked fallopian tube usually have abdominal pain. According to the position of blocked fallopian tube, the position of abdominal pain of patients is also different. Generally, it can be manifested as abdominal pain on one side or abdominal pain on both sides. As well as the occurrence of abdominal pain, there are also women with a feeling of the abdominal drop.

4. Back
There is lumbosacral pain, lumbodorsal pain, and other symptoms, some women will mistakenly think that there is a problem with the lumbar spine.
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