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Which One Is Better, Natural Pregnancy Or IVF For Hydrosalpinx?


Some women have prepared for pregnancy for a long time but unable to conceive successfully.  After an examination at the hospital, they realize it's caused by hydrosalpinx, a common type of chronic tubal inflammation. Some phenomena, including spontaneous abortion, induced labor, medical abortion, unclean sexual intercourse and pelvic infection, can lead to the occurrence of this disease.


The harms of hydrosalpinx:




Many women with hydrosalpinx problems have menstrual cramps, abdominal pain and other unpleasant symptoms.


2.Irregular menstruation


Many women with hydrosalpinx have symptoms of menstrual disorders, such as increased menstrual volume and shortened menstrual cycle. If you have had irregular menstruation for a long time, it's really prone to cause palpitations, dizziness and other anemia symptoms, which have a bad impact on female health.


3.Ectopic pregnancy


Because of the hydrosalpinx, the fertilized egg cannot be transported through the fallopian tube, which may be trapped in the fallopian tube and lead to ectopic pregnancy, impacting female safety.




When hydrosalpinx occurs, the sperm cannot go up and combine with the egg, which leads to a failure of the formation of a fertilized egg, and eventually causes female infertility.                     


Suppose the proximal end of the fallopian tube is unobstructed while the distal end of it is filled with hydrops. In that case, the oviduct ostomy can be taken, which can restore the function of the fallopian tube to a large extent. The current method of oviduct ostomy includes laparotomy as well as laparoscopic surgery.


In addition, if there is fewer tubal hydrops, we can undertake conservative treatment with drugs, which means we can use traditional Chinese medicines with the abilities of clearing heat and detoxifying. Take Fuyan Pill for example, it can relieve internal heat or fever, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, effectively dredge the fallopian tube, relieve pain, regulate menstruation, etc. 


Besides, under the guidance of the doctor, drinking water mixed with Chinese medicines like bupleurum, poria cocos, gardenia, atractylodes rhizome, Chinese yam and so on, can have a good effect on curing hydrosalpinx.


If your hydrosalpinx is heavily severe, even the operation cannot restore the function of the fallopian tube, and you can try IVF to get pregnant. But unfortunately, the success rate of IVF maybe only 50%. Hydrosalpinx may lead to female infertility, and the method of IVF cannot completely guarantee the pregnancy. 


Based on this information, if a woman suffering from hydrosalpinx has the desire to have a child, she must consider it carefully according to the severity of her condition, and then make an appropriate choice.


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